Superstore Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Ground Rules

Well, Superstore Season 6 Episode 8 certainly proves that this show is just full of surprises.

With an unexpected turn in Dina and Garrett’s relationship, Jonah being interested in someone new, and Cheyenne and Mateo fighting, it is safe to say that “Ground Rules” had unexpected twists and turns the whole episode.

But what do those twists and turns mean for our characters, exactly? We will break them down.

First, what seemed like a small, petty argument may have turned into a colossal fight.

Mateo is evidently jealous of Cheyenne working as the floor supervisor, handing out assignments, and holding a position of authority — all while he is getting tuna sandwiches for Glenn.

To be fair, Mateo has every right to be upset. He has a lot of potential to go far and work his way up at Cloud 9. But because of his awful circumstances regarding ICE, he cannot officially work at the store, leaving him with one choice — to be the manager’s assistant.

Unless something positive happens regarding his situation, it is unlikely that he will officially work at Cloud 9 again.

But Cheyenne is good at her job; she has proved herself time and again. We cannot imagine the pain Mateo is in, but that does not mean he gets to take it out on his best friend.

On the other hand, Cheyenne decides to make fun of Mateo by acting the way he would if he were floor supervisor. She pokes fun at his work habits, effectively getting other employees to laugh and rally behind her.

And when Mateo tries to hit back, it only backfires on him. He accidentally reveals his genitals to his fellow employees, causing everyone, including Cheyenne, to laugh at him even more.

Cheyenne: Look, I’m really sorry that you had to stop being floor supervisor, but I just need to do this my own way. Okay?
Mateo: Okay. I just figured you’d want to do the job well instead of, you know, having Carol do The Worm to get out of go-backs.
Cheyenne: Well actually, I think I’m doing a really good job. Yeah, the games and stuff are dorky, but they help people forget that their job sucks for a second.

It is clear that both Mateo and Cheyenne have wronged each other in this situation, but neither is willing to admit it, further straining their friendship.

Sure, they have had petty arguments before, but what started out as a few fussy callouts resulted in a huge fight that has yet to be resolved.

Mateo and Cheyenne’s dynamic has been one of the surest aspects of Superstore since the beginning. Now that they have hit a significant bump in the road, we are not so sure anymore.

Hopefully, they will both come to their senses, resolve the conflict, and apologize to each other. Their friendship is strong, so we imagine things will work out eventually.

You were just being friendly, and I’m like this heteronormative bowl in a lesbian china shop.


On what is most likely the most disappointing storyline of the episode, Jonah has a newfound interest in Nia after Tony suggests that she is flirting with him.

It is evident that Nia views Jonah as a friend, but nothing about her behavior suggests she was interested in something more. This hypothesis was confirmed when she told Jonah that she is gay, effectively shutting down any romance with him, or any other man, ever.

But the troubling issue is Jonah’s reaction to the prospect of dating someone new.

Yes, we recognize that Jonah cannot remain single forever. But there are five episodes in between Superstore Season 6 Episode 2 — Amy’s departure — and now. Realistically, that cannot be longer than a couple of months. And while it does not take forever to move on, this situation is very different.

Amy was it for Jonah. He knew that from his first day at Cloud 9, back when she was still married. He was perfectly content with ignoring his feelings since he did not stand a chance. Then Amy fell for him, but Jonah entered a relationship with Kelly.

It may have taken an accidental worldwide sex tape to get the ball rolling, but things worked out between them eventually. He was there for her through labor, and she was there for him during family strife. They had a son together, even if that child has another father. He was developing a bond with Emma.

How do you get so excited you practically faceplant in front of a new love interest? Jonah is desperate to go on a date because of rapidly his feelings evolved.

Even though he recovered quickly from learning of Nia’s sexuality, we still do not understand

It is only on Superstore Season 6 Episode 7 where he finally admits that he is not over Amy, and he is still hurting from their untimely breakup. Now he is diving headfirst into a new romance? It does not seem like Jonah is desperate to move on — he actually seems thrilled about liking someone else. 

Please, Superstore, there are only a handful of episodes left. Jonah does not (and should not) mope about Amy forever, but it is simply too soon to enthusiastically start dating and falling in love again.

Jonah: This is a huge problem, Tony.
Tony: I mean, it’s just stuff.
Jonah: Our whole job is stuff!

But the most pivotal point on “Ground Rules” is when Dina suggests having an open relationship with Garrett while Brian is out of town after telling Brian about her almost kiss with Garrett.

Of course, Garrett is not keen on the idea. He will never admit it, but he is not fond of the concept because he has unresolved feelings for Dina, and the proposal is strictly sex only while Brian is gone for three months.

When Jonah suggests that Garrett still has feelings for Dina, Garrett does exactly what he always does — the wrong thing because he is desperate to prove a point.

But Garrett is walking a dangerous line here — he will only end up hurting himself. He gets sexual intimacy with the person he loves, but what about other intimacies that make up a relationship?

Honestly, Dina has not evaluated how she really feels because she does not know how Garrett feels. We cannot help but wonder if this open relationship will force her to think about her own feelings for Garrett.

The reality is, communication is critical in any relationship, especially polyamorous ones. There is no way that Dina, Brian, and Garrett will walk away from this plan without someone getting hurt.

Right now, it is shaping up to be Garrett because he would rather put himself through pain just to prove that he does not have feelings for Dina. And it will backfire on him because, well — he does have feelings for Dina.

Hopefully, he realizes his mistake sooner rather than later. The longer this plays out, the worse the heartbreak will be.

In the meantime, we will continue to root for Garrett and Dina to actually get back together — whether that involves being in a proper relationship just themselves, or Dina fully dating both Brian and Garrett at the same time.

Wow, my son. A Cloud 9 employee. We’re a dynasty like Billy Ray and Miley!


Over to you, Fanatics!

What did you think of Superstore Season 6 Episode 8? Do you believe Jonah fell too hard, too fast? Will Mateo and Cheyenne keep fighting? How will Tony adjust to working at Cloud 9? And the most pressing question of all — what do you think will occur with Dina and Garrett’s new dynamic?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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