Ozzy Osbourne Receives First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

That gust of wind you just felt was the entire metal community breathing a collective sigh of relief: Ozzy Osbourne has received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Earlier this week, Osbourne gave an interview in which he said he had not yet received the vaccine despite being 72-years-old and riddled with health conditions that would make him extremely vulnerable should he contract the virus.

But during an appearance (from bed, surrounded by multiple dogs) on the UK’s Loose Women talk show today (February 12), Ozzy and his wife/manager, Sharon, revealed that the singer has since received his first dose of the vaccine.

Asked if had received the vaccine yet, Ozzy replied “Of course,” to which Sharon added, “He says of course – he only had it yesterday!”

“It felt like I was being stabbed,” Ozzy continued, describing the vaccination shot. “My arm was hurting yesterday but I’m glad I got it, you know?” He went on to say he was “relieved” to receive the vaccine.

Sharon, meanwhile, will not be vaccinated for another two weeks. The 68-year-old contracted COVID-19 in December and isolated from her husband for several weeks. As of early January she was given the all-clear to return home, but continued suffering from long-term symptoms of the disease.

Asked if he would struggle without Sharon, Ozzy replied,, “Absolutely. She’s my life. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way but we’ve sorted them out.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

Earlier today, an animated music video was released for “It’s a Raid,” Ozzy’s collaboration with Post Malone. You can check that out here.

[via dailymail.com]


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