Dixson Releases Debut EP ‘Darling’

Rising singer Dixson has dropped off his debut EP, Darling, via Roc Nation Records. It features guest appearances from India Shawn and Inayah.

For 23 minutes, Dixson keeps listeners engaged with his refreshingly soulful vocals paired with pensive lyrics. “Each song on DARLING is a journey. They all move effortlessly, like the women the songs are about,” Dixson explained. “The songs specifically about love, really come from a vulnerable place that I haven’t heard in a long time from a male R&B singer. Not saying that we ain’t out here showing a sensitive side sometimes, it’s just n*ggas be tryna be so cool with this R&B sh*t.”

He added, “I think that pocket of vulnerability is the missing piece. I miss that in R&B. I’m not into that prideful kinda love. ​DARLING gets really imaginative sometimes and there’s something on it for everyone. I’m excited for people to hear it, and make their own memories with it. That’s the fun part for me.

“Kream,” the EP’s lead single, is set to impact R&B radio on February 23.

Listen to Darling by Dixson below. You won’t be disappointed.


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