Ov Sulfur, New Band Featuring Former Suffokate Vocalist/Ear Gauge Reconstructive Surgery Survivor, Release First Single

This past October, Ricky Hoover, former vocalist for Suffokate and beneficiary of revolutionary earlobe reconstructive surgery, announced that he was launching a new band called Ov Sulfur. At the time, it was reported that the group would play blackened death metal.

Now that Ov Sulfur have premiered their debut single, “Behind the Hand of God,” we can say with great confidence that they absolutely do not play blackened death metal.

They play deathcore.

Not blackened deathcore.

Just deathcore.

The difference between Ov Sulfur and Suffokate is… uh… Ricky looks like Johnny Plague with a beard now? That’s about it.

The band will probably be huge, though. I could see the Thy Art is Murder crowd really taking to this crap.

Having said all of that, I give the band and their publicist props for including this sentence in the song’s press release (emphasis mine):

“The former Suffokate vocalist swapped his mic for a straight razor, tour life for family life and, yes, those huge stretched ears for comparably large muscles.”

So at least Hoover has a sense of humor about himself.

You can listen to “Behind the Hand of God” below. No word on when/if the band plans to release an album.


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