Dee Snider on Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer: “This Piece of S**t Is an Embarrassment to the Metal Community”

Dee Snider is not pulling any punches in his assessment of Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer, who became the first person to plead guilty for his role in the US Capitol riot. The Twisted Sister singer ripped the veteran guitarist as a “piece of shit” and “embarrassment to the metal community” not only for his actions on January 6th, but also for ratting out his “own people for a lighter sentence.”

As reported Friday, Schaffer pleaded guilty to two of the six charges he was facing for his actions during the insurrection: obstruction of an official proceeding and entering a building with a dangerous weapon. The second charge stemmed from him carrying bear spray into the Capitol, as he and others forced their way into the building. A prison sentence of 3.5 to 4.5 years was recommended by both his legal team and prosecutors, with the ultimate decision up to Judge Amit Mehta when sentencing takes place in approximately 60 days.

Schaffer is reported to be cooperating with the Feds as part of his plea deal, with the expectation that he will reveal important information about the Oath Keepers, the militia group of which he is a member.

Snider linked to a CNN article on Schaffer’s guilty pleas, calling out the guitarist for both his role in the riot and for spilling information on his associates: “THIS PIECE OF SHIT IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE METAL COMMUNITY! First he shames us with his terrorist actions on in DC, and THEN he becomes a rat to his own people for a lighter sentence! MAN THE F**K UP! Own your shit! If you do the crime, do the time!

When one Twitter follower wrote, “At least he had the balls to stand up for what he believes in,” Snider responded, “How do you feel about him being the first to plead guilty and cooperating with the Feds to lessen his sentence? Not what I call stand up.”

Snider further tweeted, “I’m glad for our country’s sake that he’s ratting, but it speaks volumes about the man he is. I was raised differently. You commit a crime, you shut up and take your punishment. You NEVER throw others under the bus. And you can bet your ass they aren’t water boarding this POS.”

The singer added, “Let me be clear on this: No one should ever rat out or throw their friends, families or cohorts under the bus. That’s pussy bullshit. It’s a problem with today’s society. Everyone is so ‘tough’ until they get caught. Then they are quick to blame everyone else.”

The Twisted Sister singer is never one to hold back his opinion. Last month he slammed Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert as a “f**king idiot” for her staunch support of assault weapons in the wake of the tragic mass shooing in Boulder. And in February, he labeled the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Committee “arrogant elitist assholes” for continually overlooking hard rock and metal acts.

See Dee Snider’s tweets about Jon Schaffer below, followed by our Zoom interview with the Twisted Singer frontman.


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