House 5: Even Twitter “You Can Only Live In One House” Memes Are Gentrified

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A popular Twitter meme floating around that uses the “You can only live in one house” theme leans heavily into one genre while barely giving a nod to Hip-Hop. Despite the dozens of rock and metal bands mentioned in the meme replete with artists across the aforementioned genres, the house centered on Rap acts sticks out like a sore thumb.

This is not a diss towards Travis Akers, who was most likely just having a little fun with the meme. But across the nine houses with six artists listed in each, only one is devoted to Hip-Hop. Amid names like Fall Out Boy, Blink-182, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Korn, Nine Inch Nails, and other favorites of the cul-de-sac, the Hip-Hop house offering pales in number and diversity of sound.

House 5 features N.W.A., Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy Geto Boys, The Dogg Pound, and Compton’s Most Wanted. They didn’t even put in the obligatory Eminem nod in that grouping. It sure would’ve been nice to have at least another home representing the other facets of Hip-Hop but beggars can’t be choosers they say.

Suffice it to say, fans on Twitter noticed the Hip-Hop imbalance and the tweet is still trending after going up on Tuesday (Jan. 11).

Check out the reactions below.

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