“Show Business (Glamorous)” by AV Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine’s growing following is a testament to a successful DIY ethic in the modern music world. This resolutely independent artist has managed to forge a sterling critical reputation alongside a burgeoning fanbase expanding with each additional release. This isn’t chart success with a massive major label driven promotional push behind it, manufacturing something out of nothing, but instead as honest of a success story as you’ll find in today’s music world. He works with longtime producer Michael Bradford on the single “Show Business (Glamorous)” and it’s the latest in a long line of musical achievements for Sunshine.

I loved it on first listen. You’re in recognizable territory throughout the song, nothing feels or sounds alien, but there’s nevertheless an unmistakable personal touch heard throughout the tune that’s nothing like anything else today. The guitar work hinges on simple but effective melodies and there are a variety of secondary musical touches scattered throughout the song. The percussion provides another key point for listeners.

AV Super Sunshine uses his voice as well as anyone performing today. It isn’t a traditionally beautiful singing voice, but he nevertheless gets under the skin of a song without ever making things sound forced. It’s obvious that he’s deeply immersed in the lyric but never so much that he fails to connect with listeners. It’s personal, without a doubt, but never obscure.

The song’s sonic architecture is another thing I adore about the song. It has a sort of devil may care attitude for music in the modern marketplace as Sunshine blends a bevy of influence, most retro, without little concern for how they are heard. This isn’t an artist who’s focused on making his listeners happy first and foremost; instead, he looks to satisfy himself first and foremost, then trusts his musical vision will provoke listeners to follow along.

You won’t hear any extended instrumental breaks. It isn’t really that kind of song. “Show Business (Glamorous)”, at its heart, is a song that embraces fundamentals before anything else. You can hear its likely humble beginnings in the way the song develops, it isn’t difficult for me to imagine it started off with Sunshine and an acoustic guitar, and the expansive musical vision it embraces never deserts those fundamentals.

It’s the latest in a string of successful songs. AV Super Sunshine is several years into his career, but nonetheless has yet to produce a single track qualifying as a dud. He produces music at a relatively prolific clip, as well, with little to no discernible drop off in its quality. I expect him to continue maintaining such a high standard with future releases as well; he’s a powerful performer who shows no sign of slowing down.

He produces music we need more than ever. The fierce individuality at the core of his work stands in marked contrast to scores of contemporaries’ content to regurgitate echoes of greater artists and there’s an inclusive tone to his work that is sincere, invigorating, and always deeply musical. “Show Business (Glamorous)” is a gem.

Chadwick Easton

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