Darkthrone’s 30th Anniversary Edition of ‘A Blaze In The Northern Sky’ Includes Paper from 1666 and Ink Made of Goat Horns

Among the bands from the Norwegian Second Wave of Black Metal, Darkthrone have always been one of our favorites. While they started off as questionable and mired in controversy as any of their peers — the whole “obviously Jewish behavior” bit from Transilvanian Hunger was not a good look — frontman Fenriz has since displayed a forward-mindedness, a desire to aid metal, and a readiness to recreate his sound that we can’t help but admire. That said, most will always remember the band for their album A Blaze In The Northern Sky, which turns 30 this year. Now, Darkthrone have announced an anniversary edition of the record that sounds, to put it elegantly, dope as balls.

Darkthrone’s deluxe version of the album is limited to 666 copies, and includes all of the following goodies:

  • All copies are signed by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto on paper made in year 1666!
  • True artisan release redesigned and hand crafted by Bartek Rogalewicz at Lodge.Black Temple.
  • Thick 2mm hardcover in handmade black raw paper and paper sourced from an ancient book from year 1666.
  • Hand printed using vintage manual woodcut press.
  • Printed with custom made silver ink with addition of powdered goat horns.
  • Hand numbered.
  • 4 pages insert with lyrics and alternate layout.

Well, FUCK, if you’re gonna go evil, you might as well go super evil and include powdered goat horns, right?

The album will officially be released on June 24th, but preorders for are already online. Here’s a little Darkthrone for you:


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