Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 1 Review: Just Dunk Me

Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn are back and all find themselves in exciting situations.

Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 1 saw Villanelle attempting to turn to God, Eve stuck on a path of revenge, and Carolyn struggling to get back into the game.

Although the hour occasionally dragged, the premiere brought back all of our favorite characters and set them up for a thrilling final season.

The most intriguing storyline ended up being Villanelle’s fascinating religious exploration.

Villanelle has always been troubled (and that’s nice), and seeing her turn to religion seems like an odd choice.

She claimed that it’s under the guise of trying to better herself, but later it’s proved only to try and impress Eve.

Still, it did become a valiant effort from Villanelle, and the very last minutes may have her legitimately turning to God.

We’ll discuss that weird scene later; let’s shift to Eve for now.

Eve has been through the wringer these past three seasons. Why should this season be any different?

Eve is on a path of revenge, trying to find the members of The Twelve (starting with Helene).

Her vendetta puts her in (often unknown amounts of) danger.

This episode saw Eve get beat up by a mortician.

Granted, she’s been in much worse positions, but getting beaten up isn’t pleasant.

Her hunt for Helene came to fruition at the end of the episode, where she managed to memorize Helene’s car’s license plate.

Eve has a new partner she’s working on things with, Yusuf.

He’s pretty attractive, and their relationship goes beyond professional.

Because their relationship goes beyond professional, we are automatically worried for his safety on the show.

There were multiple moments that we expected to see him dead in some gruesome fashion, but luckily he lived through “Just Dunk Me.”

Hopefully, he continues to survive and makes it through the rest of the season.

Eve’s hunt for the members of The Twelve got paralleled by the death of multiple Twelve members.

Caused by an unknown entity, Carolyn had been made aware of the deaths and alerted Eve.

Eve (who wanted nothing to do with Carolyn) reluctantly accepted Carolyn’s information on the subject.

Carolyn’s life took a downward turn, and she spent most of the episode trying to weasel her way back into the game.

Hugo also made an appearance, threatening to arrest her since he got a big promotion over at MI6.

People seem to be keeping track of whatever she does, with her every move scrutinized.

She wanted Eve to get involved in her investigation again, even offering her a healthy sum of money to work for her.

Eve, of course, turned her down, leaving Carolyn cast aside by another person.

Since the first season, Carolyn’s fall from power has been building, and seeing her almost out for the count is rough.

Luckily, like all the women in this series, she’s a strong woman and will NOT be going down entirely without a fight.

Death (and murder) have always been quite prevalent in the series, and even though it took a partial backseat this round, it still was present.

The most gruesome of which took the form of the accidental killing of a cat.

Villanelle killed her friend’s cat (her friend also happened to be the Vicar’s daughter) after the car bit her, and she reacted by jerking her arm away.

Villanelle also almost killed her friend (in the same baptism font she got baptized in) but ended up performing (lackluster) CPR to revive her at the last minute.

Villanelle ended up being just as shocked as we were when she saved her friend’s life.

Even though her baptism ended up being something to impress Eve, saving her friend’s life showed that change may be more of an option than imagined.

Eve and Villanelle only crossed paths once, and their interaction proved to be tense (as expected).

They both accused each other of not changing at all, leading Eve to Slap Villanelle in the face.

Both women contain the same fascination with each other that made the series as iconic as it’s been.

This fascination remained clouded by massive distrust (on both ends), and both women grappled with their emotions heavily in this episode.

Eve grappled with her revenge plans and how they affect her (and the people around her), while Villanelle grappled with the prospect of changing herself for someone else.

Villanelle’s arc provided us with one of the strangest endings to any Killing Eve premiere we’ve experienced.

She saw God (and so did we).

Exploring the psyche of our main characters always featured prominently in the show, and this season is no exception.

It turns out that God is a woman, and that woman is Jodie Comer dressed in religious garb with fake facial hair.

Villanelle hallucinates this vision of the holy savior but choosing to show the audience created big laughs and strange connections.

Villanelle’s vision (God persona? Self-imposed God complex?) set the rest of the season up to be a wild adventure into her psyche.

Eve’s mental state also goes through some significant changes, as she shoots a familiar face without hesitating.

Eve confronts Konstantin (who is running for mayor in a small Russian town) for information on The twelve.

She pulled up to his office on a motorcycle, beat up his guard outside the building, and shot Konstantin in hand when he refused to give her info.

While the implication that Konstantin’s path has also led him to try and change himself got shown, seeing him get show still ended up being satisfying.

We loved seeing all of the familiar characters again, and all of the performances were brilliant (as expected).

With the rest of the season ahead, we can’t help but wonder: Will Eve take down The Twelve? Who WON’T survive the season?

What did you think of the season four premiere, Fanatics?

Are you as excited for the rest of the final season as we are?

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and watch Killing Eve online on TV Fanatic!

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