Black Man’s Job Holds Retreat At Alabama Plantation, He Shows Up In Slave Garments

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BisFitty Slave costume

Source: BisFitty / Reddit

A Black man revealed online that in response to having to attend his workplace’s retreat that was held at a plantation, he opted to arrive dressed up as an enslaved person.

According to the employee, his decision was prompted by his job’s clueless decision.

“As a lot of you already know, I had to attend a ‘corporate retreat’ this weekend, that happened to take place on a southern plantation in Alabama. There was a ‘period appropriate’ costume ball scheduled for the end of the trip, but they apparently forgot about me, their lone black employee. Hilarity ensued,” the man known as BisFitty on Reddit wrote. The situation apparently occurred seven years ago, according to the original post thread on that platform. The situation went viral with Twitter user LWStewarty writing: “Listen! The way this man understood the assignment…”

Another thread showed BisFitty, who posted pictures of himself in a cotton shirt with rolled-up tan pants and a straw hat, opting to go barefoot to complete the look. “There aren’t many options for someone like me…” he wrote in the caption of that photo. The remaining pictures revealed how he showed up at the plantation estate and subsequently shocked one of his co-workers at the costume ball party held in the main mansion. The display caused a stir, and the employee wrote about the end result: “In the end, the boss canceled the party, and the CEO, who was supposed to be at the party, never showed up. The reason they gave for canceling the party was “inclement weather,” and, while it DID rain, and the party WAS supposed to be outside, the location had more than enough space inside for there to be some sort of contingency plan. It’s also a bit odd that the CEO canceled, as far as I know, he isn’t allergic to rain. My thoughts? I think the climate was just a bit… dark for him.”

In the end, BisFitty revealed that the party was apparently the idea of a woman who served as the Human Resources rep of the company. “She has been canned, I have been promoted, with a disproportionate raise, and better benefits, but I have been ASSURED that this has nothing to do with anything that happened on the retreat, and just happens to be coinciding with HRAsstDir canning. So remember kids, correlation =/= causation!” he wrote.

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