Days of Our Lives Round Table Week of 8-08-22: Are You Team JEric or Team Ericole?

It was an eventful week in Salem.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-08-22, Chad accused Leo of murdering Abigail just as Clyde realized who had given him that stolen jewelry, while elsewhere, Nicole worried about Eric dating Jada and Rolf gave in to Li Shin’s demands to keep Stefan in a coma.

Our TV Fanatic Jack is joined by Kpatch, LumiForeverAndAlways, and Tony from MyHourglass: A Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to debate who Eric should be with, whether Leo killed Abigail, and who was written most out of character. Read on!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Eric went on a date with Jada and seemed interested in another. Do you think this relationship has potential, or would you rather Eric and Nicole reunite?

Kpatch: I don’t want Eric and Nicole to reunite. They tried and failed multiple times.

My interest in them as a couple is gone. But I feel like Jada is just a smokescreen so that Nicole can get jealous even though it’s none of her business. She’s married to Rafe.

Sadly, Nicole has proven she doesn’t know how to be in a committed relationship.

LumiForeverAndAlways: I am happy that Eric is moving on, as Nicole has with Rafe, but I believe that Eric and Nicole should reunite.

I would like it to be now, but if it’s after heartbreak by Jada and Rafe, that is ok, as long as it happens.

Tony: At this point, I’d rather have anyone with Eric than Nicole, after everything he’s done to her. I’d be fine with a Jada/Eric pairing, or at least interested in seeing where it goes.

Jack: I hate how they’re writing this. Nicole and Eric were over long ago, and it should stay that way. Let Eric move on with Jada!

Chad accused Leo of killing Abigail. Do you think Leo is guilty, or is this another wrong suspect?

Kpatch: I’m so tired of Chad bullying everyone who might be a suspect. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I don’t think Leo killed Abigail, but I think he knows who did, and I stand by my allegation that it was Gwen.

LumiForeverAndAlways: Chad wants justice for his wife’s murder. I get that, and yes, I think Leo is guilty; however, I don’t think he is the only one.

I feel like Gwen is involved one way or another. I mean, she always wanted to give Abigail hell.

Tony: Usually, Days runs through at least one or more “guilty” suspects before finding the actual guilty party. While I think it would be interesting if Leo were guilty, he probably won’t end up being the one who killed Abby.

Jack: I don’t think Leo did it any more than the other three people who have been accused did.

Leo keeps asking Gwen if she did it when there’s no one else in the room. There would be no point in doing that if he were the guilty party.

Is Chanel attracted to Alex? Do you think their meeting in the Square spells trouble for Chanel and Allie?

Kpatch: I don’t think Chanel is attracted to Alex, but I think she enjoyed the attention and the flirtation.

I’m already tired of Chanel and Allie. I feel like that relationship puts Chanel in a box, and she has so much more potential and chemistry with other actors.

LumiForeverAndAlways: I don’t think Chanel is attracted to Alex. However, I could detect some slight sparks between him and Allie, which I would like to explore further.

As for if it spells trouble for Chanel and Allie, I don’t think it would ever be caused by Chanel being attracted to him. I reckon it would be caused by Allie being attracted to him.

Tony: There’s certainly potential for it. It’d be interesting to see where this goes.

Jack: I felt like these scenes were a step backward for Chanel. She’s grown far past getting guys to pay her way by pretending to be interested in them!

That said, I think Chanel had more interest than she admitted. I don’t particularly love the idea of her with Alex, but if it gets her out from in between the two bratty twins, I’m all for it.

Which was more surprising to you: that Li Shin is bankrolling Rolf’s experiments and wants Stefan to stay in a coma or that Rolf appears to be going along with Li’s demands?

Kpatch: I am surprised Li was involved with Rolf in any way. Li was a pretty invisible character; now, he is layered and interesting.

LumiForeverAndAlways: Neither of these things surprised me one little bit.

If you are connected to the DiMeras, you have to be a blackmailer/schemer to get what you want. This is what Shin is doing.

Tony: That Rolf is giving in to Li’s demands. This is out of character for Rolf.

Jack: I also thought this was out of character for Rolf. His loyalty has always been to Stefano and, by extension, any Dimera following what he thinks Stefano would have wanted. Li is not even a Dimera, and Rolf has no reason to put Li’s interests above the Dimera family’s.

Was Brady dangling custody arrangements in front of Kristen to try to get her to leave Basic Black and stop bothering him and Chloe a brilliant move or cringe-worthy?

Kpatch: Cringy. Brady’s priorities are so screwed up. He should be protecting his daughter, not his girlfriend. Kristen is unstable and untrustworthy.

LumiForeverandAlways: I think Brady’s move was brilliant.

I get why he doesn’t want Kristen, who is a criminal and in his past, to bother him and Chloe. But I don’t reckon Kristen will stop.

Kristen is a DiMera, and they fight for what they want until they get it, even if they don’t deserve it, which Kristen certainly doesn’t after all she has done.

Tony: I don’t think Kristen should get any form of custody of her daughter after all she’s done, as she’s proven time and again that she is a danger to everyone around her, even the people she claims to love.

I like the idea of Brady trying to get her to stop bothering him and Chloe, though, so it was decent.

Jack: I’m giving Brady a pass only because I think he knew Kristen wouldn’t agree to his terms. Using Rachel as a bargaining chip after everything Kristen has done is disturbing.

Who did you think was written most out-of-character on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Kpatch: Gabi.

She really loved Jake, but now that Stefan’s return is on the horizon, she keeps saying there was only one love of her life, and Jake was just a poor substitute.

We were there. We saw it, and we can’t unsee it.

LumiForeverandAlways: I would say Chad.

I get he is grieving for his wife, but Chad loves his kids, and he certainly wouldn’t have gone and gotten drunk and left them with Jennifer without calling.

Tony: Rolf. Since his first appearance in the ’90s, Dr. Rolf has been nothing but loyal to the DiMera family. Some would even say that he is their most loyal accomplice!

He’s performed thousands of medical procedures, brainwashings, bringing people back from the dead, all for Stefano, all to further the cause of the DiMera family. There is absolutely no reason why he would now actively work against them to help Li Shin.

I can only hope that this behavior is him trying to trick Li so he can get the upper hand, but until then, this makes no sense for Rolf to do.

Jack: As I said above, I also think Rolf’s behavior was completely out of character and weird. I also agree with Kpatch that Gabi’s sudden 180 about Jake is annoying.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-08-22?

Kpatch: It feels like the old Xarah magic is back. I’m enjoying Xander and Sarah working together to get the goods on Gwen.

I also get a kick out of Clyde and Nancy. On the surface, they’re a mismatch. But she brings out a softer side of him, and he clearly wants to be a better man for her.

Lastly, any week with Victor in it is a good week!

LumiForeverAndAlways: Any of the Brady/Chloe scenes. I’m so happy they found their way back to each other.

I also liked Allie meeting Alex.

Tony: I loved Nancy’s reaction to finding out that Brady and Chloe’s Leo was the same Leo who had an affair with Craig. That was a fantastic scene!

Clyde: Yeah, that’s him.
Nancy: Do you know who that is? That’s Leo Stark, the weasel who stole Craig from me and tried to con him out of his money.
Clyde: No way.
Nancy: Yes. *laughs* Do you know what this means? Your weasel and my weasel are the same weasel!

Jack: I enjoyed Nancy’s reaction too. That scene cracked me up.

I also enjoyed Leo’s bemused denial of telling Thomas he was the Tooth Fairy. On the surface, the whole thing is so ridiculous!

But on a serious note, Chad’s scenes with Thomas brought tears to my eyes. I also thought Clyde showing up at the police station to accuse Leo was one of the best Friday cliffhangers we’ve had in a while.

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