Hyping Audiences with a Dosage of Electrifying, High Energy Hip Hop- DeeWoo’s New Single “Coat” Exhilarates All

A versatile singer-songwriter, DeeWoo does more than just create original and tantalizing rhythms- the artist’s brilliant storytelling sets him apart from all contemporaries

Washington, Dc — Slated to drop on January 10th, 2023, DeeWoo’s sensational new release brings with itself a surge of positivity and plain good vibes. Featuring 2100Mike and produced by @_A4Key, DeeWoo’s new single, “Coat” bedazzles audiences with its fresh and striking take on the Hip Hop genre.

“Coat ft. 2100Mike” is a brilliant addition by an artist who is known for releasing the perfect companion singles to events such as cookouts, barbecues, or even regular DJ spins in nightclubs. Amplifying the spirits of listeners and encompassing them with inventive beats and tunes, “Coat” displays DeeWoo’s enviable ability to get anyone relating to his different soundscapes and Rap style.

Paving the way forward ever since he dropped his debut track, “As A Youngin” produced by Maryland-based producer “T.Y.” Inspired and motivated by his family- from his first born to his last son- DeeWoo continues to find a genuine comfort, drive, and reason in their presence.

More than anything, though, DeeWoo’s music represents his efforts to do better and become a better version of himself. As a young man in the “trenches” one is faced with adversity in numerous shapes and forms and what matters is how you can battle out your problems. DeeWoo has faced tribulations such as being locked up, being shot at, losing his dad early and seeing his mom pass away to cancer. However, despite all problems that plagued his life, the electric artist has remained steadfast and focused on his goals.

For DeeWoo, delving into the entertainment industry is a way to shape a better life for himself and his family. Music is a mechanism for achieving something bigger and better- something which is transcendental and more monumental than himself.

A promising artist, DeeWoo hopes to get one day signed onto a formidable label and become financially stable, enough to get his family all under one roof. Motivated to reach echelons of greatness, DeeWoo is open to working with like-minded record labels and independent artists, learning and evolving his own skills.

Check out, stream, and download DeeWoo’s breath taking new music! Contact the artist through his email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.



DeeWoo is a Hip Hop and Rap singer-songwriter who hails from southeast D.C. Having been through countless trials and tribulations, DeeWoo uses his art and music as a conduit for storytelling, painting vivid and visceral pictures of all that he has been through. Dabbling in music since a young boy, DeeWoo faced certain distractions and obstacles, but ever since a sparkling debut, he has his eyes on the prize. He remains confident that one day the world will truly know, realize, and appreciate the force of ‘DeeWoo’ and he, too, will bring home innumerable awards for himself and his loved ones.


Name: DeeWoo
Email: deewoo248.dme@gmail.com


Instagram: https://instagram.com/deewoo_248?igshid=YWJhMjlhZTc=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeeWoo248
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@deewoo248
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oqeRbDJ9pXroC3j2vggsU?si=Hkj6q2HlQ0yA624iK6k6cA


Source: ArtistPR


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