Fake Pink Floyd Fans Mistake Dark Side of the Moon Rainbow for Gay Pride Flag, Start Homophobic Rambling

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon has sported a rainbow on its cover for 50 years, since the cover, ahem, depicts a prism refracting light. Still, when the band posted an adapted version of this iconography to its Facebook to celebrate the album’s anniversary, many fake fans took the rainbow as a sign of Pink Floyd’s support for gay rights, and they weren’t happy about it.

“Lose the rainbow, you’re making yourself look stupid,” one user commented, while another demanded “equal representation” on the band’s page with a “straight flag.” “From this moment I don’t listen to this band,” a third commenter threatened. Fortunately, however, news of the anti-woke mob swarming Pink Floyd’s comment section has prompted the band’s more reasonable fans to fire back, pointing out the fact that the artwork is not a political statement. (Of course, Pink Floyd have always been a decidedly political band, adding another layer of irony to the homophobia.)

“Some of you took ‘We don’t need no education’ a little too seriously,” one fan commented, referencing the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall.” “I don’t like this new logo. The 50 makes me feel old,” another joked. At this point, the original Facebook post is more inundated with jokes about Boomers yelling at clouds than the conservative hysteria itself, but Travis Ackers offered a roundup of some of the post’s stupidest comments, which you can check out below.


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For anyone more interested in listening to Pink Floyd’s music than complaining about the liberal agenda, the band will issue a remastered deluxe The Dark Side of the Moon box set on March 24th. The package includes the iconic album remastered on both CD and vinyl, blu-ray and DVD audio of the record, CD and vinyl of a 1974 Wembley performance, a 76-page music book, and more. Pre-orders are ongoing.


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