SZA – Big Boy (Lyrics)

Big Boy Lyrics –

Winter has arrived y’all, temperature is dropping
And you know what that means, it’s cuffing season
That time of year when we find a man to keep us warm through these cold months
But not just any man will do, that’s right
We out here looking for some big boys

It’s cuffing season
And now we got a reason to get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls are leaving to get a big boy
I need a big boy
I want a big boy

I need a big boy
With polar bear arms
Keeps me warm when there’s a storm
When the chill is biting but his jacket’s unzipped
He bring in my groceries in just one trip
Till the sun comes back I need a big boy hottie
Makes his own heat with his big boy body
For the next three months skinny boys is dead
Forget a six-pack, I need the whole damn keg
Big boy, with a big boy back
California king, refrigerator set
With steaks on steaks on steak on steaks
Bit of bacon, cheese and lasagna in the training
Need an enormous man, feeds me snacks with his enormous hands
I hope he asks me to be his winter wife
Cause messing with a big boy will change your life

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls be needing a big boy
I need a big boy
I want a big boy
Give me a big boy

I need a big boy body like a bouncer
Big mouth breather and legs like a monster
Get in the bed and he gonna do me right
And when we done, he gonna snore all night
And then he stops…
Anything I need, my big boy got it
If I need a snack he got Snickers in his pocket
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