Days of Our Lives Round Table: Maggie’s the New CEO!

Maggie is the new CEO of Titan! Who saw that coming?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Wendy from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Maggie’s new job, Sarah leaving Salem, Brady’s treatment of Chloe, and if they’re rooting for Ericole or Ejole?

And what do we think is Megan’s plan for Marlena, Kayla, and Kate? Read on to find out…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Maggie is the new CEO of Titan. React!

Wendy: Well, I’m surprised. I was hoping against hope that it would be Philip, but I’m okay with Maggie. I did like the way she handled Alex after his disrespectful response to her. I’m also glad to see her take on a new role. Why not give her a shot?

Jack: This was a weird choice. First of all, I can’t imagine Victor deciding Alex’s treatment of women is unacceptable at Titan, considering the number of times Victor has called Nicole, Chloe, and other women he doesn’t like derogatory terms.

Secondly, if he wants to save the company’s image, won’t hiring his seemingly unqualified wife NOT help that?

That being said, I think that Maggie is more qualified than people think. A farm isn’t a multi-international Fortune 500 company, but it IS a business that requires wise decision-making about employees, products, the use of technology, etc.

So she does have relevant experience — which is more than we can say for most of the other people who have been CEO over the past few years.

Christine: How many of Salem’s CEOs have had any experience before taking over? Very few, overall.

I was definitely surprised the choice was Maggie, but I could almost hear Victor complaining about the lack of options, then jokingly saying Maggie could do it, and then actually deciding to give her a shot.

If nothing else, this will be different and might be fun. If nothing else, I’m happy to see Maggie get a meatier storyline.

Sarah signed the divorce papers, took the job in Chicago, and didn’t tell Xander she was pregnant. Did she make the right decisions?

Wendy: No! I want Xarah darn it! I am okay with her not telling Xander about the baby right away. With everything going on, she wants some time to think without pressure. Fine.

But if she’s going to have the baby – and I hope she does – she needs to tell Xander. I don’t want her running off to Chicago, especially with Rex. Ick! I hope something happens to make her stay.

Jack: The first one is a big YES. I was proud of Sarah for not deciding she has to stay with Xander now that she’s having his baby. Taking the job in Chicago is fine if she’s doing it for career reasons, but not if her plan is to be away from Xander so that when she has her baby, he can think it’s Rex’s.

That’s a terrible idea!

Sarah even said that passing off Eric’s baby as Xander’s was a disaster, and now she’s doing the same thing again with this baby. And with Leo running around looking for dirt for his gossip column, this secret might not stay secret long, and then what?

Christine: I don’t mind her not telling Xander and taking some time to think things through for herself, but if she’s having this baby, Xander has the right to know and be a part of its life.

And please, let’s keep Rex out of this. He and Sarah make me cringe.

It was Nicole Walker’s 25th anniversary in Salem, and we were treated to some great flashbacks of her meeting Eric. Do you think Nicole and Eric should reunite, or do you prefer her to be paired with EJ?

Wendy: I’ve never been a huge Eric and Nicole fan. Sometimes they’re great, but often they are horrible to each other. I just don’t know that they belong together.

You can love someone and not be able to be with them. That may be the case for them. She does seem to be a better fit with EJ. However, while he’s worried about Nicole leaving him for Eric, I’d expect him to drop her the minute Sami comes back to town, so I don’t know about that pairing either.

Jack: Neither. I still wish Nicole and Rafe would reconcile or that Daniel would be among the resurrected.

If she has to choose one of these two, EJ is the better choice. I love how respectful he’s being of Nicole and ensuring she really wants this. I hope she doesn’t cheat on him with Eric after all the chances he’s given her to decide to be with Eric instead of him.

Nicole and Eric have had more than enough chances, and it always ends the same way. Eric is very judgmental when it comes to Nicole, and the whole town sides with him, no matter how horrible his behavior is.

I want Nicole to be happy and not be the town punching bag. Leave Eric in her past where he belongs.

Christine: I used to root for Eric and Nicole, but I’ve had enough. They do nothing but make one another miserable, and it’s no fun to watch.

EJ and Nicole are a surprisingly well-matched pair. They genuinely like one another (and I don’t think Eric actually likes Nicole, as he’s always trying to get her to change.)

I want Nicole and EJ to be Salem’s new power couple, although I’m afraid to get my hopes up because I fear the show just plans to push Eric and Nicole back together once again.

Stefan no longer “loves” Chloe. Should she rekindle her romance with Brady?

Wendy: No. Chloe needs to move on. Look, I will always think she should be with Philip, but Days trashed him and Chloe. If she can’t be with Philip, I think they should find someone new for her.

Brady is awful and moves on to a new love every year. His latest stunt, kidnapping Stefan and almost killing him, was just as bad as anything Philip ever did.

Chloe is a beautiful, intelligent woman. She can find someone better than Brady or Stefan.

Jack: Ugh. No. Brady was also refusing to give Chloe space, not to mention that he kidnapped Stefan and forced Rolf to deprogram him. Stefan was right that Brady is no better than Li.

Christine: No! Brady complains about Kristen, but he’s not much better than she is. He refuses to give Chloe any space. And he’s willing to risk killing a man to get what he wants.

What bothered me even more was that he was doing something that could, and should, have put him in prison, and he never even thought about how that would affect his daughter.

Wendy is taking over the lease on the apartment, with Tripp, Li, and Gabi as roommates. Who will be the first to move out?

Wendy: Probably Gabi since Stefan is after her again. If she really loves him, why wouldn’t she just let Li have his shares back and be with Stefan?

Jack: I’m guessing that Wendy will have had enough of being driven nuts by her stupid brother at some point and will either throw him out or move out herself for some peace and quiet.

Christine: I hope Gabi kicks Li out, or they both leave. I’d love for Chanel to move in. That way, we’d get lots of interaction between Tripp, Wendy, Johnny, and Chanel.

Megan said that Marlena, Kayla, and Kate’s “deaths” are vital to her plan. Any ideas on what she has planned for these women or why she needs Salem to think they’re dead?

Wendy: No. I’m not familiar with Megan or her story. I mean, I know she had a history with Bo. Honestly, I’ve hated this entire storyline, and I just don’t care.

Jack: I have no idea. Based on the end of Beyond Salem 2, I am pretty sure I know who Megan has in the other chamber, but I can’t figure out what the women have to do with resurrecting that person.

I think, in part, she wants to exact revenge on Stefano’s enemies, but I don’t know what she wants with them beyond that.

Christine: I’m guessing that perhaps she wants to experiment on them with the prisms before she uses them on the prize in her other cryogenic chamber.

That’s my best guess, but overall, I am intrigued to see where this is headed.

What surprised or disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Wendy: Maggie being the new Titan CEO, definitely surprised me the most.

I was pretty disappointed with Justin blabbering confidential information about his clients’ divorce to none other than Gwen and the town gossip columnist. What the heck was he thinking?

I guess he wanted to rub it in their faces that Sarah and Xander might stay together, but it had the opposite effect, and that was completely unprofessional of him.

Jack: I was pleasantly surprised that Sarah is aware that Rex is not the father, rather than having an inane who’s-the-daddy story, and that she didn’t decide to stay with Xander for the baby’s sake.

This whole divorce paper getting lost thing was silly, and I’m not sure what the point was since Xander and Sarah signed new papers right away.

Sonny’s goodbyes to his family were rushed, and could Stephanie learn to speak without sounding flirty, please? If Sonny weren’t gay and her cousin, I’d think she was into him too, and her tone with Alex was totally inappropriate for someone who’s over him and moved on with another man.

I also could have done without Alex hijacking Sonny’s goodbye to exchange snipes and withering glances with Chad.

Chanel was also petty to act as if Johnny had no right to be upset that Allie left without telling him.

Finally, I wish Jack and Jennifer had stayed in Salem to fight for the Spectator. I hate how quickly they were ushered off-screen, though I’m pleasantly surprised that Gwen at least wants to respect the paper’s standards.

Christine: I can’t believe Allie didn’t say goodbye to her twin brother before moving halfway around the world! I know their relationship can be contentious, but that was uncalled for.

Also, what was up with Stephanie flirting with Alex? The more I see of her, the more I dislike her.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Wendy: I’m glad that Sarah and Xander are hopefully having a baby. They’re one of my favorite couples on the show (even though they’re currently apart). I hope this will push them back together and maybe get Xander to shape up.

Jack: I liked Stefan pointing out that Brady was acting like Li Shin in this Days of Our Lives quote

Brady: Stefan, I am doing this for you. I only love Chloe just like Gabi only loves you.
Stefan: We both know you’re not doing this for anyone but yourself. Kristen suckered you and that had nothing to do with me.
Brady: Chloe knows why I did what I did.
Stefan: And she won’t take you back. So you’re going to what, change how I feel about her? You’re no better than Shin.

Christine: I loved Leo standing up for Gwen during her conversation with Jack. Leo has a lot of faults, but he can be a really good friend.

Also, I liked that Gwen wants to make a go of the paper and not turn it into a tabloid. Gwen’s life and upbringing have been complicated, which can make her choices more unpredictable than most characters.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts, and if you want to chat more about the happenings in Salem, check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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