Steve-O Says a Thrash Metal Classic “Alleviated” His Sex Drive

As metal fans, we all feel something when we hear our favorite bands. The rush of the pit, the release of pent up anger/frustration/anxiety, the camaraderie we feel with our fellow metalheads. It all can be pretty theraputic. For Steve-O, his formative years were shaped on metal and in one particular instance, curbed his sex drive.

While chatting with Metal Hammer, the Jackass and Wildboys star listed 10 albums that changed his life. And without giving up too much of their list, which you absolutely should check out, he said Metallica’s 1986 masterpiece Master of Puppets served as an outlet for all the hormonal urges he felt during his teenage years.

“That was a moment in time that was riddled with angst for me. I remember trying to cope with hormones and being overpowered by urges to have sex and shit like that, and all the angst that came with puberty and sexual desire was really alleviated by the brutality of Master Of Puppets.”

You hear that, teens? If you’re too horny to think of anything else, just hit play on some “Disposable Heroes” and you’ll have less of an inclination to fuck. Though from personal experience, it just made my teenage angst manifest itself by wanting to kick down every door in my way.

Steve-O also said he’d share Slayer’s Reign In Blood — another 1986 classic — with anyone asking him what metal is, stating that the record made him realize that “it just got so real at that point.”

“It’s like when you go out on a piece of ice and it floats too far for you to be able to step back on dry land; I was definitely too far-gone to be integrated into any sort of normal social circle after hearing that album.”

While his list isn’t entirely made up of metal albums, Steve-O’s list is still one that definitely deserves checking out. Be sure to head over to Metal Hammer to see the full list.


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