Suicide Silence’s Chris Garza Recounts the Band’s Worst Show Ever

Sometimes, the worst show ever for a band comes after a major shift in their lineup. For Suicide Silence, the transition to frontman Eddie Hermida following the untimely death of Mitch Lucker immediately started a little rocky. Guitarist Chris Garza sat down with us to share his recollections of the first show they ever had with Hermida and why the decision to play with a click for the first time that night was “so stupid.”

“We played to a click and it didn’t feel good. Obviously, looking back there was a different vibe and I remember we got off and thought ‘that show sucked.’”

To find out what else happened and to hear more about the struggles of being a touring musician, check out our other videos in the “Worst Show Ever” series. You can find them all over on our YouTube page. Like, follow, subscribe and all that other shit if you want to keep up with our page.

Suicide Silence’s next album Remember You Must Die is out today. Be sure to get your copy wherever music is sold and stream it on any of the major platforms.


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