Days of Our Lives Round Table: Ciara and Ben’s Surprise!

Bo Brady got his memories back just as Hope was smooching Harris! Who wants to see that?

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine are joined by LumiForeverAndAlways, from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate back-from-the-dead returns, Ben and Ciara’s surprise, Lady Whistleblower taking Chloe for a ride, and more!

And who is the most boring couple in Salem right now? Read on to find out who our round table team chose…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Which back-from-the-dead reconciliation are you looking forward to the most?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Marlena and Eric, maybe she can set him on the straight and narrow.

Jack: Bo and Hope! Although I will forever be upset at how DAYS destroyed Aiden for Bo to be back for five minutes, at least we’re finally rectifying part of that story by un-killing Bo!

I can’t wait for him and his Fancy Face to meet, though I feel awful for Harris because Hope JUST agreed to give him another chance.

I’m also looking forward to Steve and Kayla’s reunion. No more mopey Steve!

Christine: The one I want to see is impossible. I would have loved watching Victor and Bo’s reunion. They had such a complicated relationship that I always enjoyed.

But Bo and Steve are also high on my list. They were always one of the most realistic best friend/buddy combos on the show, and I’m hoping that magic returns.

Hope seemed to be considering pursuing a relationship with Harris. Were you surprised? Is that something you want to see?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I’m honestly not surprised. Hope has been so out of character even in Beyond Salem, and no, I don’t want to see this. I want Bope.

Jack: I’m not surprised. Bo is about to regain his memories, so it ups the stakes for Hope to be involved with someone else.

If Bo weren’t around, I wouldn’t mind Hope moving on — it has been seven years, after all — but I’d rather she give a second chance to Aiden than Harris.

Christine: Ugh. That Hope is considering getting together with a man who was programmed to kill her and acts more robot than human makes me cringe.

I’m not a fan of Harris, so I’m against anything that extends his stay. Plus, we all know this is just to ramp up the drama of Bo’s return, so it feels like a waste of time.

Ben and Ciara are back and pregnant. Are you happy they’ve returned?

LumiForeverAndAlways: To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Victoria Konefal as Ciara. I always loved Vivian Jovanni or Lauren Boles in the role.

And I’m not a big fan of Cin, but Rober Scott Wilson is better as Ben than as Alex.

It will be nice if we get a Shawn and Ciara reunion, and this version of Ciara in scenes with Bo might be nice too. As for the baby, that is exciting because Ciara does deserve her happy ever after.

Jack: I can’t get into this story when these two are probably going to leave again long before the baby is born. Plus, there was no build-up because they haven’t been on screen discussing whether or not they wanted more kids, trying, etc., so it feels like a plot point.

Hopefully, Ben and Ciara will have something more interesting to do than have sex all day, every day, during their visit. I prefer Ben to lecherous Alex, so there’s that.

Christine: I guess I’m one of the few who prefers Alex to Ben, although I think Robert Scott Wilson does well in both roles.

I’m not the biggest fan of Ciara, but it’s important for her to be back for Bo’s return, even if I don’t expect her to stick around very long.

As for the new baby, I do know a few people who ended up with a surprise pregnancy after just having a baby, so this isn’t unusual. And I’m already curious about what the new baby will be named! I’m hoping for a nod to Victor or his Greek heritage.

What happened to Kate? Do you think Bo actually shot her? If not, where is she?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I highly doubt Bo shot her. I reckon she escaped, but who knows where. To Europe, perhaps, or to the same place as Phillip.

Jack: I don’t believe for a second that Kate is dead. We only have Megan and Rolf’s say-so; even when Bo remembered shooting her, we didn’t see her get shot or die, only the gun going off.

Kate might be crawling toward help like she did after Vivian left her for dead or hiding someplace. It’s also possible she convinced Bo to fake her death so she could escape the island altogether.

Christine: I’m assuming Bo fired the shot to miss and cover up that he was letting Kate escape. My guess is she’s trying to find a way off the island if she hasn’t gotten off already. Kate is resilient. I have little doubt she’ll find a way to survive.

Are you enjoying Leo’s Lady Whistleblower persona? Do you want it gone, or do you hope they stick around?

LumiForeverAndAlways: No, I don’t want it to stick around. Anything Leo Stark associated can go and go now.

Jack: Ugh, no. Leo already minded people’s business more than enough. Now he’s skulking around town, listening for things that aren’t his business to put in print.

It’s beneath the Spectator to even have this column, and now that Leo tricked his way into free clothes while still publishing something Chloe did not consent to have published, he needs to go.

Christine: I LOVE it! Leo is always a favorite of mine, and his Lady Whistleblower is such fun. Salem needs someone to shake things up, and Leo is just the perfect person for the job.

Plus, a local gossip column might not be high-end journalism, but it will probably sell more papers, so I hope it stays.

Brady threatened to keep Rachel from Kristen if she didn’t write a letter to their daughter extolling Chloe’s virtues and saying it’s okay for Daddy to date Chloe. Will this get Brady what he wants?

LumiForeverAndAlways: No, Brady won’t get what he wants, unfortunately, because it’s Kristen DiMera we are talking about here.

Jack: Of course not. Rachel will likely see through this phony letter. Besides, Kristen’s done a good enough job manipulating Rachel and installing hatred of Chloe that this letter will accomplish nothing. What Brady needs to do is take his daughter to a therapist.

Christine: Brady’s a fool. This letter will be useless, and Kristen will likely find a way to let Rachel know her father threatened to keep her from her mother because he wanted Chloe.

Rachel needs real therapy to deal with the mess her parents have made of her life. Unfortunately, Brady is more focused on his love life than taking care of his daughter.

Who is the most boring couple in Salem right now?

LumiForeverAndAlways: Honestly, Eric and Sloan. We need them to be over asap.

Jack: I’m bored to tears by the Alex/Gwen/Xander triangle. Gwen isn’t worth these two being at each other’s throats, and I don’t care who she ends up with.

Sloan and Eric are not much better, but they disgust me more than bore me. .

And Brady and Chloe can stop the together/not together because of Rachel nonsense any time now..

Christine: Chad and Stephanie! For a brand-new couple, they are mind-numbingly boring. I feel no chemistry between them, and I just don’t care what happens to them. .

A close second is Brady and Chloe. They’ve gone round and round this same territory for way too long. I’d prefer each of them to find new partners so we can all move on. .

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?.

LumiForeverAndAlways: The whole situation with Hope and Harris.

Jack: The whole ridiculous Chloe/Leo saga.

First of all, Chloe is being completely overdramatic. All she has to do is tell Brady the context of what she said and how she was pointing out that Kristen was molding Rachel to be like her.

Warning him would also give him the opportunity to prevent Rachel from reading Leo’s story and getting upset.

Also, Chloe should have been smarter. How did she not realize Leo was going to take the bribe AND publish her comments? That scam was obvious, as was the way to stop it.

All Chloe had to do was threaten to call Craig and inform him what his ex was up to. We all know Leo still carries a torch for Craig and behaves himself whenever he thinks it’ll give him a chance with him, but it never occurred to Chloe to use that to get Leo to back off.

On another note, why would Paulina not want Shawn to dust for prints? That would give him the proof he needs to arrest Sloan if she really did trash Paulina’s office.

Christine: Brady threatening to keep Rachel from her mother if he doesn’t get Chloe. So, apparently, Kristen’s criminal behavior is okay, but don’t mess with Brady’s love life. He’s proving to be no better than Kristen.

And Chloe arguing with Kristen and calling Rachel names. Rachel is a brat, but saying so is just bad form and would only make Kristen angrier, which makes her more determined to cause trouble. You’d think Chloe would be smart enough to know that by now.

And the lawsuit/saga between Sloan/Paulina/Chanel. This story is so boring. There has to be something more interesting for these characters to do in Salem.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

LumiForeverAndAlways: I enjoyed seeing Bo again for the first time since his supposed death.

Jack: I laughed harder than I have in a long time at Paulina calling Leo “Lady Lawnmower.”

I’m also continuing to enjoy the Megan saga, especially Bo’s memories returning. His flashback of Victor was doubly poignant now that we’ve lost John Aniston.`

Christine: I loved all of the flashbacks Bo had as he regained his memories, especially the ones with Victor, as that’s always been a favorite storyline of mine.

Leo taking Chloe for a new wardrobe and still publishing her hateful comments about Rachel was devilish fun.

And Gwen telling Xander off. It was good to see her standing up for herself.

Xander dumped Gwen. He has no right to tell her who she can be with. And at least Gwen and Alex are both single and sober, unlike Xander, who slept with a married Nicole during a drunken binge when Sarah broke his heart the first time.

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Which back-from-the-dead reunion are you looking forward to the most? Is Lady Whistleblower a hit or a miss? And are you thrilled to see Ben and Ciara or wish they’d set said once again?

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