Ed Sheeran X Cradle of Filth Colab? Why Not, I Guess?

Love or hate either one of them, you’ve gotta admit, an Ed Sheeran X Cradle of Filth collab would be both epic news and really weird. And it might happen.

Recently, Louder Sound reminded us that Ed Sheeran is a Cradle of fIlth fan, and before Christmas, Dani Filth shared a Facebook post showing he and Sheeran drinking together at a pup in Suffolk. Apparently, or St. Patrick’s Day, they once again got together for Irish food and pints.

Ed Sheeran X Cradle of Filth Colab? Why Not, I Guess?

Then, Metal Hammer did a follow-up interview with Filth to find out about the friendship and whether it will ever result in a musical collaboration we’ll all get to hear. It looks like the answer is yes.

“Weird,” Dani admits about the frienship. “I’ve spoken to him very regularly over the last two years. Like me, he’s a real Suffolk boy. When he came to the studio that day, he didn’t come down with a cavalcade of reporters: He turned up on his own, guitar on his back, Cradle Of Filth hoodie on, and got on with it. It was fucking great.”

Filth also insinuated that we will hear the collab this summer.

“Ed’s done all his parts,” Dani explains. “It’s just bass and vocals for me to do on my return to England after Easter. It’s exactly how you can imagine it’ll sound, if you can imagine Ed Sheeran with Cradle Of Filth. He plays acoustic guitar on it, but it’s heavy: it’s got a blast beat in there. The plan is to do it as a charity single. We’re hoping for it to be out by the summer.”

What will come of all this remains to be seen. Great? Terrible? Could be a toss-up, but we’re definitely very eager to hear it.


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