Singer-songwriter and actress Chlöe Bailey joins the inaugural episode of Latto’s 777 Radio on apple Music 1

Ahead of her debut solo album” Pieces” singer/songwriter and actress  “Chlöe  Bailey ” sat down with Latto’s 777 Radio on Apple  Music 1  to talk about sisterhood, influences, and being health-conscious with a busy schedule. Chlöe sets the record straight on what’s been happening in her life lately including being compared to Halle, relationships, VMA’s and so much more.

Here’s a snippet of the conversation below.  Tune in and listen to the episode on Latto’s 777 Radio anytime on-demand at

Chlöe Tells Apple Music About People Comparing Her With Halle

Chlöe Bailey: Honestly, it really pisses me off. I think out of everything, that’s the thing that gets under my skin the most when people are comparing us because we are best friends, we’re sisters. Sometimes we forget that we’re not twins and it’s like, don’t mess with my blood. Don’t mess with her. Sometimes I just have to brush it off because people only see what they want to make up, what they want to believe. And it’s like, we shouldn’t have to-

Latto: They writing the story for you.

Chlöe Bailey: Yeah. And it’s like sometimes I don’t need to give off that energy and waste my time explaining something that I know isn’t true.

 Latto: I feel that 100%. And when I be seeing comments and stuff, I just be wanting to speak for y’all because I just be like, “Leave them alone.”

Chlöe Bailey: I know. Sometimes I’m like… And then, see, I’m really sweet and my clap backs aren’t the best, so I just need to just learn to just be quiet.

 Chlöe Tells Apple Music About Being Single and “Ready To Mingle”

Latto: So Miss Chlöe Bailey…

 Chlöe Bailey: She’s single.

 Latto: Is single.

 Chlöe Bailey: She’s single.

 Latto: Ooh, but is she ready to mingle?

 Chlöe Bailey: Yes. Yes, I am.

 Latto: Oh, you ready to mingle?

 Chlöe Bailey: I am.

 Chlöe Tells Apple Music About VMA Comments

 Chlöe Bailey: It’s like at VMAs, that’s what it was. So Jack Harlow had the seat thing on the airplane. They’re like, “Okay, just sit and look forward. Right?” I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to sit and look forward. I got this dress. I can’t sit a certain way because it’s like a corset. I don’t want it to bulge out.” I’m sitting there like this. Next thing you know, I see things going around, “She looked like she about to have sex with the chair.” I’m like, “Now hold on. Wait a minute. I can’t just sit down?” I’m like, “Now, I’m not even gyrating on the chair. I am sitting like this.” I’m sitting like this looking forward.

 Latto: They was mad because how you were sitting in the chair?

 Chlöe Bailey: Yes. And I’m like, “Okay, if I can’t sit without people thinking I’m about to hump the chair, then something’s going on.” They’re like, “Oh, she’s trying to force her sex appeal.” I’m like, “I can’t sit in a chair?”

 Latto: Why they didn’t warn me? Why they didn’t warn me that you was out of pocket like this? Ms. Bailey…

 Chlöe Bailey: So I said, “Okay, if that happens and they say that,” I said, “Okay, I can’t do nothing right, so let me just be me.”

You can tune in and listen anytime on-demand at


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