Sumner Stroh Releases Song About Alleged Adam Levine Affair

Sumner Stroh, the Instagram and OnlyFans model who accused Adam Levine of cheating on his wife with her, has released a new song about the scandal.

In the description of the song’s lyric video on YouTube, Stroh writes that “Love to Hate” (which was released April 10) contains “everything I’ve wanted to say” about the controversy, particularly the public shaming she received after coming forward about the alleged affair last year.

“I decided to take the leap and follow my dreams. What a journey this has been. Took everything to keep it a secret for this long,” she adds of her debut single.

The song tackles the controversy head-on. “You love to shame me, love to blame me for all your issues / I let you break me / Made me do things that I shouldn’t do,” Stroh sings on the track.

Listen to Sumner Stroh’s Debut Single “Love to Hate” Below:

On April 24, Stroh explained in a TikTok video that she wanted to write a song about the controversy “rather than give in to this bandwagon mob mentality cancel culture.”

The model also revealed she had been keeping her singing aspirations “private” until now.

“People run to throw a label on someone or judge them and assume to know them and their character off of little context,” she continued, adding that she faced “ridicule and shame” on a “mass scale.”

According to Stroh, “Love to Hate” was born from the hope that “something good could come from this” — “this” being her infamous TikTok video that accused Levine of cheating on his wife.

The video, which was viewed over 26 million times, revealed alleged Instagram messages between Stroh and Levine from their near-yearlong correspondence.

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Stroh also claimed Levine asked her if he could name his then-unborn child after her. At the time, Prinsloo, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, was pregnant with her and Levine’s third child.

“Ok serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s [a] boy I really wanna name it Sumner. You ok with that? DEAD serious,” Levine appeared to ask in the DM, which led to many memes and jokes online about the situation.

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