Will Gittens Sets Boundaries on New Song ‘DND’

R&B singer and songwriter Will Gittens is protecting his energy on his new song “DND.”

Short for “do not disturb,” the bouncy track hears Gittens unapologetically asserting boundaries to prioritize self-care.

“D-n-d, D-n-d / Don’t mess with my vibe / Don’t mess with my peace / D-n-d, D-n-d / I ain’t got no time for bad energy,” he sings on the catchy hook. 

Regarding “DND,” Gittens shares, “It’s a song that I hope will inspire people to take a moment for themselves and prioritize their mental and emotional health.”

“DND” is the follow-up to Gittens’ single “Bigger Person,” which he released in late January. The following month, he released Acoustic Covers 2, the sequel to his 2022 project.

The former included Gittens’ rendition of popular songs such as Usher and Alicia Keys’ “My Boo,” Joe’s “I Wanna Know,” and Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s “Stuck with U.”

Solo work aside, Gittens has written for artists such as Chris Brown (“Dream“), Josh Levi (“NASA“) and Breland (“Cross Country”), to name a few.

“Dream” appears on Brown’s Grammy-nominated album, Breezy; “NASA” is featured on Levi’s Disc Two EP; and “Cross Country” is the title track to Breland’s debut album, which also included his Keith Urban-assisted track “Throw It Back.”

Listen to “DND” by Will Gittens below.


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