Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 21 Spoilers: Marcel Goes Toe-to-Toe With Dayton!

Are Jack Dayton’s days finally numbered?

Nobody was happy when Dayton managed to get the votes to convert Gaffney into a for-profit hospital, and everyone rebelled against the new rules.

And now, on Chicago Med Season 8 Episode 21, Marcel actively investigates whether Dayton deliberately sabotaged OR 2.0, leading to a patient’s death. Dayton’ll fight back, but does he have a chance of winning?

Television hospital staffs don’t take kindly to corporate takeovers, especially if the new CEO interferes with patient care.

Dayton escaped the fate of other fictional CEOs for a while by staying out of the doctors’ ways. People weren’t always happy with him, but they tolerated him as long as he didn’t interfere with patient care.

Now that he’s turning Gaffney into a for-profit hospital, though, things have changed. The ED staff is determined to keep treating under and uninsured patients (which EDs are supposed to be legally required to do anyway!), and they’re not about to let Dayton interfere.

Dayton may well have won the first battle. Something weird happened with OR 2.0, and the patient died. Marcel wants to know what happened, and he won’t accept Dayton stonewalling him!

Dayton might have thought Marcel would be a loyal ally. They met when Marcel saved Dayton and his engineer after a train crash, and Dayton repaid the favor by buying OR 2.0 for the hospital.

But that doesn’t mean Marcel will accept Dayton’s interference, especially if his behavior costs patients their lives.

Someone must point out to Dayton that he wouldn’t like it if Marcel took over his AirTrain company and made decisions Dayton disapproved of while assuming that Dayton would go along with it because Marcel saved his life.

Dayton has always had a conflict of interest because he owns the tech he wants to be installed in the hospital. And the doctors and Sharon are reaching their limit with him. He’d be wise not to go too far.

According to the spoiler video, Marcel asks Grace to look into what happened to OR 2.0, and she discovers that someone erased the data from the fatal operation.

Jack Dayton is the only person with the motive and ability to do that. If Marcel can prove it, it won’t just interfere with the IPO launch. I’d think that Dayton could be charged with manslaughter!

His reckless behavior caused an unnecessary patient death all because Dayton was petty enough to sabotage the tech rather than allow the doctors to bypass his plans to let his rich buddies hog the machine when they weren’t even in town.

Grace has been loyal to Dayton all this time. She and Will have often butted heads over it.

But this may be a bridge too far for her, and she has the technological know-how to make life difficult for Dayton.

All Dayton has left are threats that are most likely empty. According to the spoiler video,  he warns Marcel that investigating this will lead to career ruination.

That’s not likely unless Dayton’s talking about his own career. He has much more to lose if this comes out than Marcel. Dayton’s reputation and freedom may ride on keeping what he did quiet.

And with a ton of press covering the IPO launch, Marcel’s in a perfect position to leak the scandal and cause a lot of trouble for Dayton.

If and when Dayton is pushed out, I hope he doesn’t take his toys with him.

For all its faults, OR 2.0 has been a godsend. It’s allowed Marcel to do complex surgeries that weren’t possible before. Besides, it would be a greater punishment if Dayton loses access to the hospital that uses his tech.

The machine can stay, and so can Grace and the other doctor who is familiar with it — get Dayton out of leadership and call it a day.

Although the IPO battle will likely take up most of the hour, a few more mundane stories are also lined up.

Dr. Charles will again treat a schizophrenic patient. This is the third one for Chicago Med Season 8. Schizophrenia is a severe illness, but it’s starting to feel redundant — can’t he work with other mental conditions?

This time, the patient has anxiety over going to their prom, but hopefully, there will be more to the story than that.

Meanwhile, Asher’s latest patient is Abrams’ wife!

Abrams is so rigid, arrogant, and annoying that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to marry him, but this should be fascinating.

Abrams will probably interfere in her care, cause unnecessary stress, and object to a recovering addict treating his wife.

But will his wife agree with any of these assessments, or will she confide in Asher that she’s tired of her husband bossing her around?

If the wife disagrees with Abrams on this issue, that could cause trouble in their marriage, which he will surely blame Asher for.

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