Chad Kroeger: There’s Been a “Softening” on Nickelback Hate

Nickelback are one of the most successful rock acts of the 21st century, but for one reason or another they are also one of the most reviled bands in modern history. That said, things apparently are looking a bit cheerier for the Canadian rockers, as frontman Chad Kroeger thinks “there’s been a softening”  in the hatred in recent years.

When asked about the hate the band has received over the years in a new Zoom conversation with Arizona radio station KFMA (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), Kroeger responded, “That kind of used to be a thing. I shouldn’t say ‘that kind of used to be’ — that was definitely a thing for a long time. And I think there’s been a softening — there really has, thankfully.

The singer, who was enjoying a dip in a swimming pool during the interview (not exactly gonna help with the “softening”), continued, “I’m not sure if it’s because we receive a ton of love on TikTok or whatever the hell it is, but for whatever reason the teeth have kind of been removed. It’s really nice, it’s really nice to not be Public Enemy Number One.”


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Kroeger believes that some of the backlash may have come from the band’s music constantly being played on the radio. “That type of oversaturation could piss people off,” he remarked. “But at the end of the day, we’re just a band that makes music.”

He added, “I can’t stand a couple of bands, but I don’t go online and turn into a keyboard warrior and just start hating on them. I just change the channel or I put on something that I wanna listen to.”

As for the recent love Nickelback has gotten, Lizzo defended them a few years ago when talking about the band’s No. 1 hit “How You Remind Me.” The pop star said, “Why do people not like Nickelback? I feel like Nickelback gets way too much shit. I think this is a jam. Because [Kroeger] had a curly blond perm. That’s the only reason they get shit, because this is an amazing song.”


Even Slipknot singer Corey Taylor, who dubbed Kroeger as “Captain Ego from Planet Douche,” suggested in 2019 that Imagine Dragons had replaced Nickelback as the world’s most hated band.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Nickelback are heading to a town near you on their North American summer tour in support of their latest album. 2022’s Get Rollin’. The outing kicks off June 12th in Quebec City, and runs through August 8th in Belmont Park, New York. Tickets for the upcoming shows are available here.

Check out Chad Kroeger chatting with KFMA while in a swimming pool below:


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