Jade Novah Shares New Song ‘Like That’

Jade Novah has named it and claimed it on her new single “Like That.”

The core of “Like That” is blissful and merely hints at what Novah has seen in her union with her husband, Devin Johnson, who co-wrote and produced the twinkling and candy-coated track.

Novah confidently states that she has found someone who meets all her criteria, even though she once believed this was an unattainable dream.

“Got me so far gone I don’t care what no one say / Treat me like a star every day like a birthday,” Novah sings.

“Like That” is Novah’s second offering of the year. Earlier in April, she shared another track titled “Butterfly.” Whether these tracks will be included in Novah’s upcoming album is still being determined.

Jade Novah Like That single cover
Let There Be Art

Novah’s upcoming project will follow her previous work, Moon in Pisces, which she was promoted through a tour with the same title last year. Kenyon Dixon, whom Novah collaborated with in late 2022, appeared on the EP’s focus track titled “Rollercoaster.”

“It’s a full musical journey where we navigate our ups and downs in love while healing and self-reflecting,” Novah stated in a previous statement. 

When asked about the sound of the untitled future album, Novah told Rated R&B in a September 2022 interview that it will be “R&B through and through.”

“I feel like the EP definitely did that and I want more of it. Storytelling. Authentic R&B. And there’s a feature that is supposed to happen,” added Novah.

In 2020, Novah dropped an album titled Stages, showcasing 11 tracks with “Somebody Son” as its lead single. The album also featured appearances from Eric Bellinger and Jared Brady.

Listen to Jade Novah’s new single “Like That” below.


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