Nancy Drew: Best ‘Ships, Best Scares, & What We Want From The Final Season

Nancy Drew is back for its fourth and final season.

But before we dive into the Drew Crew’s final adventure, we need to look back at their most intriguing mysteries, best relationship moments, and what we’re hoping for from Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 1.

Let’s start from the beginning.

It seems so long ago that we met the Drew Crew. Heck, it was before they even figured out they were the Drew Crew.

The mystery of Lucy Sable, the Sea Queen, was the number one storyline of the series. It lasted the entirety of Nancy Drew Season 1, and the twists and turns changed everyone.

The biggest surprise? There was no mysterious killer roaming the streets of Horseshoe Bay for two decades. Lucy either slipped or jumped, and we may never know which one.

Lucy gave baby Nancy to Carson and Kate Drew to protect and raise, a secret they kept even after Kate Drew died. Poor Nancy was left to deal with losing two moms, the one who loved and raised her and the one who tried to protect her even in death.

The reveal of Ryan Hudson as Nancy’s bio Dad is the gift that keeps on giving as Nancy gets to play out her very own version of a My Two Dads storyline.

And if you have any doubt that Carson and Ryan are the best Dads pairing ever, go back and rewatch Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 7. Even if you’ve seen it, it’s worth a rewatch. 

One of the biggest controversies of Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 1 was Nancy hooking up with Nick. Some viewers were apoplectic because there was a mild sex scene between these two as the show opened.

How could they have a sex scene associated with Nancy Drew? Oh, the horror.

Hopefully, those folks either got over it or moved on because this Nancy isn’t a child, and this series isn’t based in the 1930s. These are college-aged young adults finding their way through scary mysteries and even more terrifying paths of relationships.

But Nick and Nancy are splitsville by Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 7. Turns out, Nancy isn’t enough of a sharer for Nick. But we soon see sparks fly between Nick and George, one of our favorite couples. 

Do you remember when Ace was attracted to Bess? It took him a minute to realize that Bess was attracted to women. And gorgeous women at that. Lisbeth, from Season 1, was smoking hot.

But Ace and Bess became each other’s “platanchors” — platonic anchors, in case you don’t recall, one of the best terms any show has ever coined.

Bess: The thing is that I don’t really date anybody. Boys…girls…
Ace: Why not?
Bess: I don’t know. I guess I’ve just been on my own for so long that I never let myself drop an anchor to get close to someone like that.
Ace: I can be your anchor. Your platonic anchor. I call that a platanchor. If you let me.
Bess: Are you asking to be my friend?
Ace: Yeah.

And then, there are the first moments between Ace and Nancy. Yes, we hardcore shippers saw something between them going back to the first season.

Just take a look at Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 10, where Ace stutters adorably as he asks Nancy if she’s okay. Or when Nancy is stuck in the Whisper Box during Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 12 and tells them that the only one who was the same in the alternate reality was Ace, but then describes how they were all perfect. 

Does that mean she considers Ace perfect in her real world? You decide. 

On to Nancy Drew Season 2.

The scary ghost was the Aglaeca, who wanted them all dead for reneging on their deal. The Aglaeca gave them Lucy Sable’s bones, but the Drew Crew didn’t turn over Owen, so the sea spirit killed him, sort of, and planned to do the same with all of them.

The Aglaeca gave the series some of its scariest moments as Ace faced off impalement on a meat hook and George and Nick almost drowned in his truck during Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 5.

Poor Bess fell in love with the ghost of Odette. Again, Bess has great taste in beautiful women. Odette can still make us swoon over a French accent. Leave it to this series to make a ghost / human pairing both hot and heartbreaking. 

George proposes to Nick. Woohoo! And Nick fits in perfectly with the Fan family. Maybe too perfectly. That should have been a clue for things to come. 

And there was plenty of Nancy and Ace build up too, starting right from this Nancy Drew quote from the season 2 premiere…

Ace: What I’m mad at is the idea that I might die very soon. Right when I finally figure out how to be a part of something I really care about. I never had a crew like us.
Nancy: I’m not gonna let us die.
Ace: I never doubted that.
Nancy: So you’re still mad?
Ace: I’m scared. Sometimes you just have to let fear be. The next time you feel like sacrificing yourself to prove you’re not a Hudson…please don’t. Just because I’m mad at you doesn’t mean I wanna lose you.

Or how about when Odette mentioned someone with “pretty eyes,” and Nancy immediately thought of Ace? Or when Ace was obviously jealous of Nancy’s ill-conceived romance with Gill Bobsey?

But it doesn’t get much better than a doused, lust-fueled Nancy sees Ace with the wind blowing through his luscious locks on Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 10. Again, if you haven’t watched it lately, go do so now. It’s worth a rewatch. 

By the end of Season 2, Nancy’s grandmother, Celia, is dead. Everett Hudson, her evil grandfather, is headed to jail, and she has to deal with all of her trauma to fight off a wraith. 

On to Nancy Drew Season 3.

The Frozen Heart killer is both gross and creepy, but this brings us to Nancy’s great, great, great aunt, Temperance Hudson, who has a taste for Nancy’s blood and a prophecy for the Drew Crew.

One of you will be the other’s demise.
One of you will betray your true love.
One of you will lose your heart.
One of you wreak havoc on this town.
One of you will forsake what is dearest to you.
And only one of you will fulfill your destiny
And that one will cause the rest to fall.

Temperance Hudson

But in the middle of all the supernatural drama, Ace and Amanda break up. Nancy’s fling with Agent Park is over. But the most heartbreaking and perhaps necessary breakup is George and Nick during Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 9

If you and I do this now we’ll be like two plants that wrap around themselves before they are fully grown. And then they spend the rest of their lives struggling for light and water. I want to grow next to you Nick. I want to live so badly, and I don’t want us to make this decision just because we’re afraid our lives could end at any moment.

George [to Nick]

We hated it, but George was right. These two were rushing into marriage. We just wish putting the brakes on this relationship didn’t mean breaking up. 

At least Bess and Addy seem to be on solid ground. 

But when we finally get our blissful moment between Nancy and Ace, it’s ruined by Temperance’s evil curse. If Nancy gives in to her feelings for Ace, he will die a horrible, painful death. 

Talk about an obstacle for our favorite couple to overcome before the series ends!

So as Nancy Drew Season 4 is set to begin, here’s our wishlist.

  • Nancy needs to tell Ace about the curse.
  • Nancy and Ace need to break the curse and find their happily ever after.
  • George and Nick must find their way back together.
  • Ryan becomes the person he wants to be outside of the Hudson family shadow.
  • Bess discovers a way to use her supernatural skills while not risking death and evil at every turn.
  • A George and Nick wedding wouldn’t be a bad way to end the series.

How about you, TV Fanatics?

What do you want to see before Nancy Drew ends?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON down below to let us know, and then watch Nancy Drew online here at TV Fanatic.

Nancy Drew Season 4 premieres Wednesday, May 31 at 8/7c on The CW.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


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