Khamari Performs ‘These Four Walls’ for ‘COLORS’

R&B newcomer Khamari stopped by COLORS’ studio to perform his new song “These Four Walls.” 

Standing in front of a brown backdrop, with his eyes closed, Khamari delivers a sincere rendition of his vulnerable track. 

“‘These Four Walls’ is about me romanticizing and finally coming to terms with the isolation that I was dealing with at the time,” Khamari told Rated R&B in an interview. “These Four Walls” is the latest focus track from his debut album, A Brief Nirvana, which released May 26 on RCA Records.

Khamari continued, “It kind of has undertones of ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’ by Kanye West, where I’m making peace with what I have, and I’m happy because at least I know this is guaranteed. I was going through a very isolated period when I was creating the project.”

Khamari these four walls colors
Khamari. (Photo Credit: COLORS)

The Boston, Massachusetts, native also mentioned that he hopes A Brief Nirvana will reach anyone who is going through a similar experience.

“Part of [how] I connect with certain projects is you need them at the time you receive them. You fall in love with them and listen to them over and over again until you play ’em out,” he said. “I wanted to create that moment for somebody else that might be in a similar headspace that I was in. I wanted to kind of pay that forward. This is about creating things that people can connect with, fall in love with and play over again.”

A Brief Nirvana includes the previously shared tracks “Doctor, My Eyes,” “Tell Me,” “Drifting,” “On My Way” and “Right My Wrongs.” 

Watch Khamari perform “These Four Walls” for COLORS below. 


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