Idman Releases Debut EP ‘Risk’

Rising R&B singer-songwriter Idman has released their debut EP, Risk, via Arista Records. It was executive produced by their longtime collaborator Khris Riddick-Tynes, one-half of the production duo The Rascals (Ariana Grande, Toni Braxton, Kehlani).

The seven-track offering begins with Idman trying to come to terms with a breakup (“Hate“). They resent their ex for moving on after destroying their heart, which makes Idman resentful (“Good Life“).

They try to distract themselves from the pain on the flirty “Beach,” where they explore lust and temptation: “I know you’re somebody’s girlfriend / But I know you ain’t innocent, I can tell by how you lookin’.”

The penultimate “In My Feels” is true to the song’s title where Idman continues to dwell on the memories of an old love.

Closing with the previously shared “Still,” where they are hopeful that things can work out between them and their former lover. 

“‘Still’ is the song I think would hook me if I wasn’t me. I think of it as my undignified heartbreak song because with it, I decided to put down my toxic, ‘too cool to care’ facade and opted to sit in the genuine pain of what I was still very much moving through in a real and deep way…no matter who’s looking,” shared Idman.

Regarding Risk, they said, “I’m so excited to share this complete story, with all its context. I feel honored to introduce myself through this body of work – it unfolded in the perfect way, and it’s truer than I could have imagined. I am figuring out whether the risks I have taken have been worthwhile, and I feel no shame in sharing what I have discovered, for better or worse.”

Stream Idman’s Risk EP below.


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