I made this song too honour all Eminem fans…I have something special that belongs too him and Hailey (his daughter) that was gifted too me 20 years ago when I was 10 by the lady that raised him as a child she made me promise not too sell this gift…and it belongs too him and his family from his aunt Edna and helen

The motive was born in raised in St joseph Missouri where he was trifled with a tough childhood and no guidance where he crossed paths with a loving caring old lady who so happened to be Eminems close relative she gifted something special to him and made him promise not to sell it 20 years ago but this sentimental item he doesn’t feel belongs to him anymore so he made a song about his experience on the pursuit to return the gift to marshall and Hailey Mathers where it belongs his family took care of him when he had no one and nothing the least he feels he could do is return it

He made this song to honor all Eminem fans and he knows they’ll appreciate it it shows respect for a true story he realized that the best messages are the good ones and who better to share a good message then than his dedicated loyal fans.
Dreams are messages from the god of what can become if searched and if belief against all adversity can bring a thought that can be seen in the mind can be held in the hands. Share this song deliver the message and give back to the legend who gave so much that it is hard to keep track
This song is inspiring and captivating and the story is one of a kind. This single is on all streaming platforms 290 stores plus.




Motives music is an expression of himself and the mentors he studied unde


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