Reverberating the Powerful Message of Peace Amidst the Darkness of War- Irena Goth Illuminates with “No War”

A bold, passionate, and profound new anthem, “No War” features the best of Metal and Gothic, against the backdrop of Russian hostilities in Ukraine

Los Angeles, California — August 11th, 2023 – Spreading harmony through her passionate and meaningful musical compositions, Irena Goth displays a matchless presence in her newest release “No War.” With a voice that resonates like a haunting echo, the artist emerges as a powerful advocate for peace in a world marred by conflicts.

A singer-songwriter who is armed with a profound vision, Irena’s song “No War” stands as a resounding anthem against global strife, transcending boundaries and uniting hearts under the common banner of love, peace, and hope.

An evocative single, “No War,” is a poignant release which was curated amidst the tumultuous events of March 2022, as Russia’s military activities encroached upon Ukraine’s territory.

Irena’s artistry is a beacon and channel of powerful music, carrying the weight of a heartfelt message and a vision for a better world. Her melodic odyssey, woven with passion and resilience, calls upon audiences to embrace the harmonious refrain of peace over war.

In April 2023, the world bore witness to the visual manifestation of Irena’s creativity as she unveiled the music video for “No War.” Painting the portrait of a hauntingly beautiful post-apocalyptic landscape, Irena’s music displays her commitment to entertain but also challenge perspectives and ignite contemplation about the world’s most pressing issues.

Drawing from a diverse array of musical influences including Marilyn Manson, Him, Ramstein, Theater of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil and others ,

Irena’s music is a tapestry of emotions, depicting the allure of Gothic beauty.

While Irena’s message transcends borders, it faces a roadblock in her homeland, Russia. Her song “No War” has yet to find its voice on platforms like Vkontakte and Yandex, an oversight that highlights the artist’s fight for her rights and the recognition of her impactful artistry.

Stream Irena Goth’s rebellious, powerful, and moving new anthem- “No War” on the artist’s official music platforms! Follow the artist’s journey as she illuminates a visceral and pervasive catastrophe happening in contemporary times.




Irena Goth, born Irina Nagieva, has embarked on an artistic journey that defies convention and embraces a unique blend of creativity. Her initial foray into the music scene was under the pseudonym Sonja Blair, with the release of “Black Swan” through Onerpm in 2022. However, her current persona, Irena Goth, encapsulates her evolution as a multifaceted artist – a Russian solo singer, songwriter, composer, actress, and screenwriter.

Presently, Irena is diligently crafting her debut album, “No War,” a collaborative effort with a talented musician and arranger from Russia. This artistic endeavor is a testament to her dedication, as she merges her melodic prowess with her ardent desire to create music that not only captivates but also inspires change.

The seasoned artist continues to embrace her creative freedom by seamlessly blending sub-genres, forging a unique sound that transcends boundaries and breathes new life into Gothic culture and heavy music.


Irena Goth
Name: Irena Goth




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