Stickin’ to It – Brickwall Jackson

Are you ready to put on your country boots and dance? Well look no further than Brickwall Jackson’s album “Stickin’ to It.” These songs will keep on the dance floor all night long. Grab your best girl or gal and get ready to be swing your partner round and round. This album is a mix of country, blues, and rockabilly, with great musical texture. Brickwall Jackson is a musical group that knows that their audience are listeners who are looking for a good time with good music and that is exactly what this album provides.

“Stickin’ to It” starts off with a song called “Begin.” This country roots song talks about the hardships in relationships, but even when the times get tough, you always know that you will end up with them. The song says that when things get hard and they are not sure how they are going to get back to where they were, its stats that where their loves ends is where it also begins. That no matter what, even when it feels they have finally hit the bottom, their love starts all over again and it truly never ends. It is a beautiful testament and reminder that love is not supposed to be easy and real loves works with the person who is willing to go through the tough times and stick it out with you.

“Real Men” and “Love Anymore” are songs that no matter what kind of day you are having, you will want to dance to these songs. “Real Men” is one of the catchiest and most fun songs off the album! Within the first couple beats you will find yourself moving to the dance floor. It is a song that you cannot help but want to dance to. The main theme of the song is asking the question of “where did all the real men go?” Sharing that men today just are not acting the same and that they are not being as traditionally masculine as men used to be. “Love Anymore” is a slower paced song, but it will have the same effect of making you want to dance and sway with a loved one. This is another song asking a question to the listener. The song asks if anyone truly cares about love anymore? It has beautifully written lyrics that really should make us reflect as a society, questioning how we really treat one another. The song is a reminder that we are all the same at the end of the day and we should share more love with one another than hatred. Imagine how much the world would change if we gave a little more love to one another.

The album ends with a live recorded performance of a song called “Tore Up.” This fast-paced song would easily be a great choice to play at a live show, because it would get the crowd riled up, cheering and dancing. This song has strong instrumental solos that really take control and adds dimension. It is the perfect song to end the album with because it is meant to be fun and danceable, so that when it ends you still will feel like you are on a high from when you first started the album. It really does feels like it ties up the album like a closing a final chapter of this country, blues mix.

This 11-Track album is perfect for any get together, outdoor barbeque, rodeo, bar and so much more! Picture yourself getting lost in the music simply having a good time with those around you. These songs are fun and great to dance to, but they also have deep meanings behind them, that will make you reflect on your personal life and society around you. You have nothing to loss and so much to gain from a taking listen to this album. It is calling your name for your ears to listen and feet to dance to “Stickin’ to It” today!

Reviewed by Katie Melching

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