Exclusive Interview with Danjo

We are getting to talk with the fun new group DANJO! Welcome. Tell us how you all became DANJO and more about each of you and your breakout into music.

(Danny Kensy): Howdy y’all! We’re DANJO! We’re super stoked to be chatting with you. Thanks so much for having us!  It’s pretty simple how we became DANJO. I met Barefoot Joe a few years ago at a benefit that we both were playing to raise money and awareness for ALS.  We exchanged contacts and got together to write a couple songs…

(Barefoot Joe): Well, after a few road trips to Nashville, a few independent solo radio releases, music videos, music awards, countless gigs, and some ice cold beers, DANJO was born!

You have a new song coming out and we love it! How would you describe your sound and new song to fans that haven’t heard the song yet?

(Danny): We’re as excited as y’all are! We’ve been cookin’ up REDNECK STYLE for the last year or so, and it speaks to the very heart of what DANJO is all about…

(Barefoot): Hell yeah! We call it ‘party-tonk’, an in-your-face, get-up-off-your-ass kinda country music!  We collaborated with American Idol star and producer, Blake Lewis, to crank that unmistakable backwoods energy up to a hundred! REDNECK STYLE will be available on 9/14!

Did you all write your new single? What is your writing process like?

(Danny): Yeah, I co-wrote this one a couple years ago with my talented Nashville buddies, Dakota Jay and Seth Dobbs. A great stanky guitar lick with us bouncing back-and-forth the most redneck stuff we could think of; the song practically wrote itself!

(Barefoot): The song was kind of sittin on a shelf collecting dust, but when I heard it for the first time, I absolutely loved the record.  Next thing you know, we’re in the studio cuttin’ the vocals in Nashville!  It was truly at that moment, we struck a chord and knew we had something special as a country duo!

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

(Danny): A hell of a good time! Listen, life is too short! We all need an outlet, more reasons to dance, embrace our redneck styles, and have fun!

If we were riding in the car with you right now what would we hear coming out of your speakers?

(Danny): Right now, you’d probably hear a DANJO ditty in the making!  We’re cookin’ up some more of that ‘party-tonk’ music!

(Barefoot): Same thing for me!  As songwriters and independent artists, we spend a lot of time listening to our own music, often trying to dial in the right lyrics and mix. However, I’ve been listening to a lot of Hannah Dasher lately; I can’t get enough!  I’d love to team up to do a DANJO-Dasher collab!

Tell us where we can find your new release and follow along with you on socials. (Danny): Yep, go to www.danjomusic.net and plug into all our socials from there!


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