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evander: Crafting a Sonic Tapestry of Young Adulthood

Dive into the evocative world of evander, a multifaceted artist exploring the complexities of young adulthood through his music. Singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist, evander, weaves a sonic tapestry that reflects the nuanced journey of life’s twists and turns. evander will hit the mainstream soon via Bungalo Music and Film / Universal Music Group.

Embracing Vulnerability in Music

evander’s musical landscape is marked by themes of heartache, addiction, anxiety, and depression, translating personal struggles into soul-stirring melodies. His vulnerability shines through poignant lyrics, creating an immersive experience that resonates with listeners.

A Genre-Defying Fusion

Experience the unique fusion of pop, Hip Hop, and R&B in evander’s sound. The driving rhythms and thick 808s provide a dynamic backdrop to his expressive vocals and magnetic guitar playing, forging a distinctive musical identity.

UCLA Journey: Honing the Artistic Craft

Having spent four years refining his craft at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, evander emerged with a sound that reflects both technical prowess and emotional depth. The campus served as a creative playground, fostering collaborations and sparking musical innovation. Something about this program is spitting out genius-level creatives like nobody’s business.

Collaborations and Milestones

evander’s musical journey extends beyond the solo stage. From recording original music at the Universal Music Group campus with producer IROC to co-writing with GRAMMY-winning songwriter Michael Lehmann Boddicker, his collaborations span diverse genres. Noteworthy partnerships include working with producer Sapphire Adizes, co-writing with songwriter Howie Tee, producing for R&B artist Megan Jade, playing guitar for singer/rapper Charlie Korman, co-writing with pop artist X.ARI, and contributing to the soundscapes of R&B artist Jessie Berg.

Connect with evander

Explore evander’s musical universe by connecting with him on various platforms:

Spotify: evander on Spotify

Instagram: @evandermusic

TikTok: @evandermusic

YouTube: evander’s YouTube Channel

Immerse yourself in the sonic journey of evander, where each note tells a story of resilience and creativity.


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