Seraphina Talks Accountability on You’re the One to Blame

16 year old dynamo, singer/songwriter Seraphina Sanan is a beacon of empowerment for  Gen Z on her latest single, “You’re the One to Blame,” which is now available on all digital streaming platforms. With a vocal range reminiscent of Queen and a fresh perspective on the shared challenges of coming-of-age, Seraphina captivates audiences with her raw talent and unwavering authenticity.

Trained in acting, dance, and vocal theatrical performance at the renowned Chicago Academy for the Arts, Seraphina epitomizes the essence of an authentic artist. Her proficiency in two languages enriches her music, echoing the varied experiences of contemporary youth. Through her musical expressions, Seraphina navigates the turbulent path of adolescence, encouraging her audience to embrace authenticity and live life on their own terms.

Despite her youth, Seraphina boasts an impressive array of accomplishments. From modeling to dynamic live performances, she has refined her skills through years of unwavering commitment and diligence. Drawing inspiration from her personal journey, Seraphina seamlessly merges elements of rock, pop, and heavy metal, creating a unique blend that characterizes her distinctive style.

For exclusive updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and forthcoming releases, connect with @seraphina.sanan on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Embark on Seraphina Sanan’s musical odyssey as she fearlessly shares her truth with the world.


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