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New/Old Wave: Shritchmatic Teams with GRAMMY Nominee Haas G for “Pulp Fiction”

Hip Hop’s emerging talents are continually reshaping the genre’s boundaries and pushing the envelope of creativity. One such young lion capturing attention and igniting excitement within the industry is a young dynamo named Scritchmatic. With his unique blend of lyricism, charisma, and innovative soundscapes, Scritchmatic is poised to make a lasting mark on the Hip Hop scene.

Unveiling a Phenomenon

Scritchmatic’s journey into the spotlight is one marked by determination, passion, and undeniable talent. His musical odyssey began at an early age, fueled by a deep-seated love for the art form and an insatiable desire to carve out his own path. With each rhyme and rhythm, Scritchmatic captivates listeners with his raw authenticity and unwavering dedication to his craft…this cat has it, and when I say barz dropped in a nonchalant but perfectly framed setup…wow.

A Glimpse into the Live Experience

I tapped in at Scritchmatic’s wave-starting and show-stopping performance live in Kansas City, an experience that left an indelible impression on all in attendance. The happening was hosted at the Nimble Brewing venue…craft brews galore!  I came through after receiving an exclusive advance on his upcoming single “Pulp Fiction” produced by Fantom of the Beat aka GRAMMY nominee Haas G, from his manager, Gina Tarantino, owner of the hot management/development agency Tarantino1440. My first impression was straight love for the venue and the overall play was very professionally curated, produced, and moderated by the talented Bump Jonas of the Sprinkle Some Salt podcast. The crowd remained engaged throughout the evening, earning a salute to the event producer for the professionalism. Musically though, aside from the voice of an R&B singer on the lineup, I truthfully don’t remember anyone else’s voice or set…Schritchmatic was a commanding presence center stage and on the mic…he made the jaunt a complete night.

Outside of the mission, checking out Schritchmatic, the ambiance of the venue, engaged crowd, vendor table, awesome DJ, great service, and plenty of outdoor seating with a nice view of the main room where all the action was, created the perfect scenario and very much worth the trip all the way around.

Handling Business

As Scritchmatic took the spotlight, he exuded an aura of confidence and passion that was palpable throughout the venue. With each verse, he effortlessly commanded the crowd’s attention, weaving intricate narratives and delivering hard-hitting truths with unparalleled finesse. During this captivating performance, Scritchmatic gave a preview of his mesmerizing sonic collaboration with Fantom of the Beat, it’s important to note is also known as Haas G of Staten Island Hip Hop stalwarts the UMCs. The upcoming single “Pulp Fiction” is set to drop on April 12th across DSPs and I’m informed the supporting visual is going to be…well… cinematic!

Until then, here’s a taste

A Sonic Fusion

The synergy between Scritchmatic and Fantom of the Beat was nothing short of magical, blending Scritchmatic’s dynamic lyricism with Fantom’s masterful production to create a sound that transcended traditional boundaries. The result was a sonic masterpiece that resonated with the audience on a profound level, setting the stage for what promises to be an exhilarating journey ahead.

How did I find the blend of the pair’s distinct talents…well I’ll tell you! Bruh…Fantom brought a sonic stress test that would alert and pull the best out of the most respected and famous lyricists in the game and this baby-faced wunderkind handled the track with all the aplomb of an old head in slick talk and metaphors…several times the crowd should have joined me in uttering “bar” but they were stuck…the pied piper had ’em.

Charting a Path to Greatness

As Scritchmatic continues to captivate audiences with his unparalleled talent and infectious energy, the future looks brighter than ever. With the unwavering support of his exploding fan base and the guidance of industry luminaries like Gina Tarantino and Haas G, Scritchmatic is ready to ascend Jacob’s ladder to new heights. Mad respect to his teammates at Imperial Empire as well, this collective of young lions are on the march as serial entrepreneurs and entertainers. Talking to them after the show, I feel comfortable saying we’ll be talking about them and their initiatives for quite some time…Jadakiss seems to like him too!

In a culture where authenticity reigns supreme, Scritchmatic stands as a beacon of originality and artistic integrity. With his fearless approach to music and unwavering commitment to his craft, Scritchmatic is not just an artist on the rise – he’s a force to be reckoned with. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned in, because the journey of Scritchmatic is just getting started.

For more updates on Scritchmatic and his musical endeavors, be sure to follow him via social media and stay tuned because the kid is undeniable.

This is a syndicated update from my original feature story published on The Hype Magazine portal. Connect with me @jerrydoby_ on socials.
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