Candace Owens Checks Piers Morgan On Not Calling Israel-Hamas War Genocide

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As Rasheed Wallace reportedly said, even the sun shines on a dog’s ass twice a day and Candace Owens is a perfect example of that phrase. Candace Owens was a recent guest on the Piers Morgan Uncensored show and in their discussion, the conservative pundit checked the host on the nature of the Israel-Hamas and the media’s reluctance to refer to the happenings as genocide.

Candace Owens, 35, sat down with Piers Morgan, 59, and the tense discussion surrounding the Isreal-Hamas war turned towards Owens making note of the fact that journalists are seemingly fearful of critiquing Israel’s actions. At one point, Owens included Morgan in that group.

“You too, Piers, seem a little fearful to critique Isreal and coming off as trying to be a little understanding of everything,” Owens said. Morgan, perhaps anticipating this, dodged the assertion. For her part, Owens clearly articulated what the word genocide means and did manage to get Morgan to throw a very soft jab at Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The 90-minute conversation between Morgan and Owens touched on her leaving The Daily Wire, her political positions, her connection with Ye FKA Kanye West, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and much more.

Check out the clip in question below and keep scrolling to see reactions to the Israel-Hamas segment. Also, let’s be clear, we’re not on her side about much of anything. On this point, however, she called it straight and that’s all we’re noting.

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