For Papas That Puff & Dads Who Dab: Check Out Our 2024 Father’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide #FathersDay

The beauty of Father’s Day is that it is a time to celebrate the old man who was always in your corner, or just had an ear for you when it was a tough time. Dads are also versatile people and some of them are cannabis enthusiasts or maybe a little curious so we’ve whipped together a handy Father’s Day gift guide for the Canna-Dads out there.

Similar to the guides I’ve done before, I’ll mention some cannabis brands we’ve either tried or hope to do so very shortly. I also want to make clear that some of these products have limited availability and I’ll try to add that information in the description.

Lastly, I always want to let readers know that cannabis is intended for individuals over the age of 18 and always want to encourage moderation, even if it’s for therapeutic use. At the end of the day, there is a medical component to cannabis that shouldn’t be ignored.

The stigma around cannabis is largely moving into the realm of acceptance and as a cannabis user myself, I appreciate that science and data are highlighting the benefits versus putting an emphasis on getting stoned although there isn’t anything wrong with that.

For now, enjoy our 2024 Father’s Day Cannabis gift guide, and Happy Father’s Day to you all.

1. 22Red



22 Red comes from the mind of musician Shavo Odadjian and covers all your cannabis delivery methods via flower, prerolls, vapes, and more. There is also a merch line and other goodies. Only available in Arizona and Nevada for now.

Learn more here.

2. Airgraft



Airgraft takes the art of vaping far more seriously than I’ve ever seen in the industry in my short time covering it. For starters, the pods are uniquely preset and have to be unlocked using a smartphone to scan a QR code and from there, the magic happens. I don’t want to give it away because it’s genuinely cool. Available in California, Ohio, Missouri, and Washington state.

3. Alien Labs

Alien Labs

Source:Alien Labs

Founded in 2014 by Ted Lidie, Alien Labs is a brand that leans into a bit of skater and pop culture, but not in the corny way that some do it. With expertly curated strains delivered via edibles, flower, and vapes, live resin, Alien Labs has everything you need to take off to the stars.

Learn more here.

4. Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands

Source:Autumn Brands

Autumn Brands stands out in a crowded field due to its wellness segment. Not every Dad into cannabis is looking to ingest their medicine. And if Dad has some creaky bones, Autumn Brands has some infused salves that will come to the rescue.

5. Betty’s Eddies Beachtime Betty’s Strawberry Lemonade Chews

Betty's Eddies Beachtime Betty’s Strawberry Lemonade Chews

Source:Betty’s Eddies

I’ve mentioned Betty’s Eddies in these gift guides before and I always have to share that these are still the best-tasting edibles I’ve experienced. The brand’s latest drop is the Beachtime Betty’s Strawberry Lemonade Chews. Try saying that three times in a row! Available in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts & Puerto Rico.

Learn more here.

6. Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan

Source:Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan is the ultimate one-stop shop for the Dad who Dabs or the Papa who Puffs. From rolling trays, papers, dab tools, and vaporizer batteries, Blazy Susan won’t let you down.

7. Breez



Specializing in infused mints, tinctures, flower, prerolls, and beverages, Breez aims to take the fuss out of choosing your preferred path whether you’re ready to turn up or turn down. Available in California with plans to expand.

Learn more here.

8. Bubby’s Baked

Bubby's Baked

Source:Bubby’s Baked

As a man of a certain age, making infused brownies has always been hit or miss. Either I’m using too much of the good stuff or not enough. Bubby’s Baked takes the guesswork out by creating tasty, well-balanced treats that won’t have Dad too baked, pardon the pun. Available in Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

9. Cookies



Cookies is a brand that focuses on the lure of potent strains with flavor and freshness at the top of the list. Berner has created something of an empire with the brand and its new dual-chamber vapes are about giving Dad a 1-2 punch of cannabis he won’t soon forget. They also have a variety of flowers and CBD too. All of it is quality.

10. Connected



Founded in 2009 by Caleb Counts in California, Connected remains committed to providing quality cannabis options to its customers and stellar collaborations with the likes of Lost Farm. Prerolls, flower jars, and vapes make up the bulk of their inventory and there is plenty of heat to choose from. Check out their new 1G live resin all-in-one vapes too.

Learn more here.

11. CQ



Some readers may be aware that I cover adult beverages too and sometimes, I want to sip something that isn’t booze. A brand like CQ would be perfect for those who want to sip their cannabis or take a break from alcohol. I also appreciate they have both a high and low-dose offering and are rolling out their new 2oz shots. The high-dose option is only available in select states so check the website.

12. Dazed X Stache Co Update

Dazed X Stache Co Update

Source:Dazed X Stache Co

Dazed and Stache Co have been featured in past guides and they’ve got a fly hoodie collaboration along with Stache’s smell-proof bag so you can, ahem, stash your goods. 

13. Fable



The booze-free life isn’t one I’m living just yet but if I do, I’ll be drinking a lot more cannabis. Fable is another brand that’s entering the sippable cannabis space and doing so while bringing something new to the non-alcoholic drinking space. Available for shipping nationwide.




The intersection of skincare and cannabis hasn’t been something I’ve examined much in my coverage but GALYNA certainly piqued my interest. The topical application of CBD isn’t new,  but the brand is serious about providing benefits using well-researched data and science to bring their product to market.

Learn more here.

15. Gelato



Gelato Canna Co. has a product I’ve yet to see on the market with its infused mini-sugar cones. They also have a clever product known as Cookie Crumbs, which is shake and buds from the bottom of the bag. The company also partnered with surfing legend and cinematographer Greg “Geebs” Browning for a brand-new Geebs product line. Available in California and Michigan.

16. G Pen

G Pen

Source:G Pen

G Pen has, in my opinion, the best budget-friendly dry herb vaporizer I’ve ever used. I’m not big into flower, as I always say in these gift guide roundups, but the Dash makes it easy for folks like me. They also have collaborations with Berner’s Cookies brand, B-Real of Cypress Hill fame and the Dr. Greenthumb brand, and Mike Tyson’s Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand.

Learn more here.

17. Happy Eddie

Happy Eddie

Source:Happy Eddie

Eddie Osefo is one of the new players in the cannabis scene in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) region and is slowly building an empire along with products that match his cool vibe and positive energy. We haven’t tried Happy Eddie yet (shame on us) and we’ll correct that soon.

18. Hippy Feet

Hippy Feet

Source:Hippy Feet

Switching things up a bit, sometimes your Dad might want to rep the flower of which this gift guide is all about. Hippy Feet, easily one of my favorite brands to cover, has some cannabis crew socks for the Dad who likes to stay lit, literally.

Learn more here.

19. iGrowcan



With cannabis laws around the nation slowly relaxing, curious Dads who enjoy the plant can now try their hand at growing via the innovative iGrowcan. This looks a lot better than those huge fish tanks disguised as terrariums when we were in college. Not that I know anything about that.

Learn more here.

20. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)


I Love Growing Marijuana, or ILGM was founded by Robert Bergman, a marijuana enthusiast who became interested in the growing process. Now, ILGM helps other prospective growers on their journey in growing plants with all the tools and guidance stemming from Bergman’s 25 years of experience.

Learn more here.

21. Insa



Focusing on the recreational user, INSA covers lots of ground with topicals, flower, tinctures, edibles, and more. I’ve never tried the brand but they literally appear to have every cannabis user’s preference covered. Available in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Learn more here.

22. Lavinia



There are just a handful of brands that were wise to link cannabis with physical intimacy but few are doing it on the level of Lavinia. With before and after sex gummies, and infused lubricants, Dad can reciprocate some of the love he received on his special day if you catch our drift. Available only in California.

Learn more here

23. Muha Meds

Muha Meds

Source:Muha Meds

Muha Meds specializes in high-potency infused prerolls, vape cartridges, gummies, and concentrates. What I thought was dope was the brand’s verification system because you need to know what you’re ingesting out here. Only available in California and Michigan.

Learn more here.

24. Nature’s Heritage

Nature's Heritage

Source:Nature’s Heritage

I don’t do a lot of flower but Nature’s Heritage could make me a convert. Their infused prerolls are for those who can handle flower with a 25 percent boost of bubble hash. They also have vape pens, concentrates, and Rick Simpson Oil on deck. Available in Maryland and Massachusetts.

Learn more here.

25. OCB Brown Rice Cone Bundles

OCB Brown Rice Cone Bundles


OCB has been in the business of rolling papers since 1918 in the country of France and carry a wide selection of papers made of brown rice, rice paper, organic hemp, and other options. They also design practical trays for all of your rolling needs. Seth Rogen, a champion of cannabis, also has a collaboration with OCB known as Houseplant. Get into it.

Learn more here.

26. Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus


Puffco is a mainstay of my cannabis gift guides and for good reason. The brand builds high-quality devices to deliver your cannabis on terms that fit your vibe. Want to get ripped but still feel functional? The Peak Pro is where it’s at. Want to keep it low? The Plus Pen lets Dad get his dabs in while on the move. 

27. Silly Nice

Silly Nice


You’re reading this gift guide on a Black-owned publication so we’re always going to highlight brands that share that story. Making waves all across New York, Silly Nice is Black and veteran-owned, so salute to them for that. On my next trip up north, I’ll be showing my support.

28. Stündenglass



Those of us of a certain age are familiar with the gravity bong concept. Stündenglass takes that idea and flips it on its head in a good way. This is like the top-of-the-line EV of gravity bongs.

Learn more here.

29. THC Design

THC Design

Source:THC Design

THC Design proudly grows over 75 strains in sativa, hybrid, and indica expressions, and their product can be found in medical and recreational dispensaries across California. The brand also has prerolls for those who want to get right into the business of things.
Learn more here.




I like to think of VESSEL as an accessory shop for the classy cannabis connoisseur. Of course, luxury options in the cannabis space are on the rise but few can match the product lineup VESSEL has in the market. Pictured is the brand’s Compass Rise, which protects your cart, allows you to store it upright, and looks damn cool.  

Learn more here.

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