Slipknot’s first tribal ‘S’ design shared by Joey Jordison’s family

Slipknot‘s very first tribal ‘S’ design that was designed by the late Joey Jordison has been shared by his family.

The tribal symbol was designed by Jordison – the legendary metal band’s original drummer – who also contributed to the creation of the band’s name back in 1995. The logo has remained a big part of the Slipknot identity since then.

In an Instagram post shared by the late drummer’s family, the original tribal ‘S’ design is seen drawn on a wooden desk. “The first tribal ‘S’ drawn by Joey on the desk that was handed down to him by his dad,” read the caption of the post. “To the fans-thank you for always supporting and loving Joey. You guys meant the world to him. We love you Joey. Forever our #1.”


Speaking to Kerrang! back in 2017 about the logo, Jordison shared:”I have tons of folders of sketches, logos of pretty much any band I’ve been in. I drew the Slipknot logo and the tribal ‘S’.”

He continued: “I drew that logo on my dad’s old desk in the house I grew up in. I had this little piece of paper and drew it with pen and ink. It stained the desk! I took it to band practice and they loved it. The next thing you know, almost half of the band got it tattooed – this was before we got signed.”


Speaking to Loudwire back in 2017 about the origins of the band name the drummer said: “It wasn’t my total idea to call the band Slipknot, it was a band discussion and it was a unified thing.”

He went on to note that he was the one who suggested the moniker when they were “spitballing in a band meeting.” Jordison passed away in July 2021 at the age of 46.

In other news, Slipknot’s mystery new member ‘Samples’ recently spoke for the first time in an interview.


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