Are Ozzy Osbourne’s Rock Hall Hopes Causing TV Show Holdup?

The reality TV show following Ozzy Osbourne’s return to live in England has suffered a delay because he refuses to actually make the move, U.K. press reports said.

The Osbournes: Home to Roost was announced by the BBC in 2022 after Ozzy and wife Sharon revealed plans to abandon their permanent resident status in L.A. and instead live in a customized mansion in Buckinghamshire. Filming began on the 10-part series last year.

The change was designed to assist Ozzy with the continuing symptoms of multiple health issues, which have left the 75-year-old struggling with movement.

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In a recent episode of Howie Mandel Does Stuff, Sharon told Mandel: “I wanted to reverse it; to spend more time in England and come here and visit, like on birthdays, holidays and stuff like that… I’ve been trying to get Ozzy to get out of the house and come to England. I’m still trying.”

Asked if the Black Sabbath icon didn’t want to leave the house, she replied: “He does, yeah. But not a lot… He’s having a little bit of a tough time. Getting old and not being well sucks.”

Ozzy Osbourne Wants to ‘Get Out on the Stage’ at Rock Hall

A source close to the Osbourne family told the Daily Mirror that Ozzy had a specific aim in mind – attending and perhaps performing at this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in October, when he’ll be inducted as a solo artist.

“He’s building up his stamina, strength and balance to get out on the stage,” the source said. That’s his big project currently and involves working in L.A. with his band and physios. Obviously, given how personal and ­challenging it is to Ozzy, there are some aspects of his rehab that the cameras are blocked from.”

An additional reason was also suggested: “Ozzy has been quite clear he loves being in L.A., close to his grandkids and music pals, and that he’s unsure about the whole England return. It’s obviously a massive stumbling block for the TV series.”

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