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This Wednesday (July 10), cannabis enthusiasts, especially those who dab, will partake in a holiday with dubious origins but no less celebrated than 420. 710 Day, which we’ll try to explain below, is centered on the cannabis delivery methods of dabbing, hash oil, concentrates, and the devices that make it all possible.

According to an article posted by The Leaf Online, 710 Day was created to celebrate the use of dabs, oils, and concentrates. It is largely attributed to rapper, cannabis activist, and industry innovator, Taskrok.

More from The Leaf Online:

“710 (at least the 710 buzz that has grown today) was started in TinyChat with me, Healthstone, and the Beehive guys. They suggested we make a new time to take dabs at as they didn’t really resonate with 420 anymore. I was the one who suggested 710 because it clicked in my head that it spelled oil upside down.” Task went on in the comments to make his views on the matter of ownership clear, “I don’t want to try to own it though. It belongs to the community now.”

The article goes into far deeper depth and it’s worth a read if you’re wondering how the 710 Movement became powerful enough to inspire a brand new, cannabis-focused holiday.

My own experiences with dabbing have been a journey as well. The late Rico Valderrama, better known to the cannabis industry as Phone Homie, was the first person who taught me about the practice. In essence, dabbing is vaporizing small amounts of cannabis oil, resin, or concentrates using what’s known as a dab rig — a device that uses a heated nail to vaporize whatever the product is being used to produce a potent hit on inhale that will be unlike anything you can find in smoking flower.

Dabbing can also apply to vaporizer pens that can either hold a screw-on pre-filled oil cartridge, or load in your preferred concentrate which goes under many names such as shatter, wax, budder, etc.

Phone Homie was more than just an activist and brand creator. He also educated newbies like me on the effectiveness of dabbing, the fact it caused less waste, and the feeling experienced was, in a word, cleaner. I’ll be the first to admit that dabbing is a lot easier thanks to various e-rigs, basically updated versions of the standard dab rigs of old.

Below, you’ll see several brands we’ve featured in our past 420 guides along with products and suggestions for those who wish to join the celebration. As always, consume cannabis as responsibly as you can and be sure to keep away from those under the age requirements in your respective states.

Happy 710 Day to all!

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1. Alien Labs Gaslighting Rosin

Alien Labs Gaslighting Rosin

Source:Alien Labs

Alien Labs Gaslighting Rosin is the latest offering from the brand founded by Ted Lidie. Because of its limited availability, I haven’t tried this one but it’s part of Alien Labs’ new Cold Cured Hash Rosin line. Only available in Arizona, California, and Florida.

Learn more here.

2. Blazy Susan Dab Bundle

Blazy Susan 710 Day

Source:Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan is a brand I trust with all my soul. Of course, I enjoy their rolling papers, cones, and trays, but they also have a Dab Essentials Bundle for those new to dabbing and it comes with a Dab Station, Dab Mat, and cotton buds for cleaning. In addition, the brand has a fantastic Secret Battery Box for carts. Check them out.

Learn more here

3. Connected All-In-One Vapes

Connected All-In-One Vapes


All-In-One vapes, sometimes stylized as AIO, are pretty self-explanatory. These types of vapes typically come pre-charged and the oil is housed within the device for, as you’re starting to understand, an all-in-one experience. I haven’t tried the Connected brand but I’m hearing good things. Only available in Arizona, California, and Florida.

Learn more here.

4. Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes

Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes


I visited my first Cookies location in July when I visited San Diego for work and it was like a wonderland in there. Seriously, I wish all cannabis stores had this level of customer service. Anyway, enough gushing. The brand founded by rapper and businessman Berner has a new vape device aimed to deliver synergy and effects unlike any you’ve experienced before via its Dual Chamber Vapes. I have to get my hands on one of these bad boys soon. Also, I should mention they also offer these vapes in THCA, so that means more access to the fine product Cookies make for those outside their local markets but check your state laws for shipping.

Learn more here.

5. Cookies x G Pen MICRO+

Cookies x G Pen MICRO+

Source:G Pen

G Pen is the first brand to get me into the portable world of dabbing on the go via its Micro pen, which was branded with the Cookies logo. The two entities cliqued up again to deliver the beefed-up Micro+, a sturdier and more compact version of the device. As I love doing dabs without a lot of fuss, this is one of my favorite ways to charge up my day or unwind. 

Just a heads up: G Pen is offering a 710 Flash sale with 33 percent off all concentrate products. Just use code 710 at checkout.

Learn more here.

6. Davinci IQC Vaporizer

Davinci IQC Vaporizer


When I first got into my search for a premium dry herb vaporizer, I was put on to the world of dual use vaporizers such as the Davinci IQC Vaporizer. Not only can you use it for flower, but it also handles concentrates which makes it a smart buy for anyone looking for a sleek, compact device to deliver their medicine. 

Learn more here.

7. Eyce OraFlex Rig

Eyce OraFlex Rig


Eyce is a brand that’s new to me and I’m learning that they’re into the business of making durable smoking pipes due to the propensity of some of us having butter fingers. Their OraFlex design is a combination of the brand’s signature silicon pieces with all the benefits of using a glass dab rig. Eyce also boasts that the OraFlex is easier to clean due to its removable mouthpiece.

Learn more here.

8. G Pen Hyer®️

G Pen Hyer®️

Source:G Pen

As I noted above, I didn’t get into dabbing until fairly recently in my cannabis journey and the G Pen Hyer®️ frightened me at first. I had no idea what I was doing. I’m glad to inform readers that I LOVE  the G Pen Hyer®️ because it takes all the work out of my hands and it looks cool too. This e-rig pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece and delivers optimal flavor, heat, and control. I don’t use it as often as I like but when I’m hanging out with friends, it’s always a good time. G Pen, as mentioned above, is offering a 710 flash sale so you can grab the G Pen Hyer®️ for 33 percent off using the code 710.

Learn more here.

9. Modül + Modul Dok Bundle by Stündenglass

Modül + Modul Dok Bundle by Stündenglass


The Modül is one of the fancier e-rigs I’ve come across and pairs well with the lineup of Stündenglass products. The Modül DOk bundle allows for both dry herb and concentrate usage, offering customizable temps and portability, especially if you’re in a group setting and want to pass it around for a 710 Day session.

Learn more here.

10. Nature’s Heritage

Nature's Heritage


Nature’s Heritage first caught my eye with their flower pre-rolls that are infused with bubble hash. However, they also have an array of concentrates that promise the same powerful effects. I can vouch for the flower, but I’ll be checking out the concentrates on 710 Day personally. 

Learn more here

11. Puffco Proxy x Ripple Glass

Puffco Proxy x Ripple Glass


Puffco makes my favorite dab rig, the Peak Pro, and I can sing its praises all day if given the runway to do so. However, I want to highlight the Proxy, a versatile and powerful concentrates vaporizer that pairs with Puffco’s vast selection of accessories. The brand has a new Proxy and Ripple Glass bundle that pairs the chamber with a beautiful glass piece that, like the Peak Pro, is designed for the cannabis ciphers to come this week. 

Learn more here.

12. Vessel Vista Edge

Vessel Vista Edge


I live in the ‘burbs so on my daily morning walks, I like to carry my handy sativa vape pen to get my work day started, and pairs well with whatever overly strong coffee I’m going to prepare. Vessel makes luxury products for concentrates and dry herbs, and my daily vape battery is the brand’s hearty Compass Rise. However, I love the Vista Edge, especially the fact you can charge it upright via the Base charger. 

Vessel has a 710 sale going on right now so if I were you, I’d rush over there before it ends. 

Learn more here.

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