Jae Stephens Declares ‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ on New Song

Jae Stephens makes a bold statement on her new single “Girls Don’t Cheat,” out now on Issa Rae’s Raedio/Def Jam. 

Over a Timbaland-inspired production, helmed by Sensei Bueno, the singer-songwriter makes a case for women who may entertain someone outside of their relationship.

“Girls don’t cheat, we just need attention / Eyes on me, they see what you’re missin’ / I might sneak, but with good intentions / I got needs and you wasn’t givin’,” Stephens sings in the caption-worthy hook.

Regarding her new single, Stephens shares, “‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ started with the title long before I ever wrote the song. The concept came to me out of some real powder room chat with my girls about the differences in women’s motivations for cheating vs men’s and how they’re completely different. I thought the conversation was hilarious and really interesting, even if it was a bit toxic, but I think that’s what makes for a great song!”

Jae Stephens Girls Don't Cheat single cover
Raedio/Def Jam Recordings

Stephens co-wrote “Girls Don’t Cheat” with her friend and fellow R&B singer Chxrry22, who is signed to The Weeknd‘s XO Records.

“When [Sensei] Bueno played the beat, it reminded me of the braggadocious tomboys of the ’90s and 2000s like TLC and I thought it’d go perfectly with this sh*t-talking concept and title.

Chxrry22 was also perfect to co-write with because she’s so good at writing in that unapologetic space. Making this with her and our friends Lita and Trey really helped capture the same energy I felt when I got the initial idea!”

“Girls Don’t Cheat,” the follow-up to Jae Stephens‘ sweat-inducing bop “WET,” arrives with a dance-driven video, which was inspired by the Bille Woodruff-directed cult classic Honey. Alex the Lion choreographed the moves. 

“I really wanted to keep up the energy I started with my last single, ‘WET,’ and I knew a dance video would do that while helping me tell the story of ‘Girls Don’t Cheat’ in a different way,” explains Stephens.

“I learned a lot into the early 2000s visually just like the song does sonically. I think any fans of the 2003 movie Honey will appreciate the homage; Jessica Alba was definitely one of my first favorite dancers growing up!”

Stream Jae Stephens’ new song “Girls Don’t Cheat” below. 


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