Gwen Stefani Is Releasing ‘The Sweet Escape’ On Gold Vinyl

Flashback: Gwen's 'Early Winter'

Gwen Stefani’s somber ‘Early Winter’ should have been a much bigger hit.

Gwen Stefani promised that her fifth solo album is “coming soon,” but here’s something to occupy fans while we wait for a firm release date. The pop icon is releasing The Sweet Escape, her 2006 sophomore LP, on vinyl (gold, no less) for the very first time. An exclusive with Urban Outfitters, the limited-edition release drops on February 26. It arrives ahead of the album’s 15th anniversary in December. Pre-order your copy here.

While Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is widely (and rightly) acknowledged as Gwen’s masterpiece, The Sweet Escape more than holds its own. From the mind-meltingly wacky “Wind It Up” to the glorious title track, the album found the No Doubt frontwoman breaking new ground creatively. And, as with LAMB, some of the best songs weren’t huge hits. “4 In The Morning” remains a firm favorite of mine, while “Early Winter” is still Gwen’s best ballad. Check out the full vinyl tracklist below.

The Sweet Escape vinyl tracklist:

Side A
1. Wind It Up
2. The Sweet Escape
3. Orange County Girl
4. Early Winter
5. Now That You Got It
6. 4 In The Morning

Side B
1. Yummy
2. Fluorescent
3. Breakin’ Up
4. Don’t Get It Twisted
5. U Started It
6. Wonderful Life

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