One of Frank Iero’s guitars ended up with Slayer’s Gary Holt—here’s how

Frank Iero Gary Holt guitar
[Photos via Frank Iero/Spotify, Gary Holt/Antje Naumann via Wikimedia Commons]

It looks like one of Frank Iero‘s guitars has ended up in the hands of Gary Holt for a reason you may not think.

This week, the Slayer and Exodus musician revealed just how he became the new owner of one of Iero’s guitars.

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Over the years, Frank Iero has collected quite a few guitars during his time in My Chemical Romance, the Future Violents, Pencey Prep and other various projects. In fact, last year, Iero gave Ernie Ball an exclusive look at his extensive guitar collection while talking about his early days in My Chemical Romance and their disbandment in 2013.

Now, it looks like one of his guitars has ended up in the hands of Gary Holt. As it turns out, the guitarists have been friends for quite some time. Their growing friendship eventually led to Iero and Holt swapping guitars. On Tuesday, Holt took to Instagram to share the new ax Iero recently gifted him in the swap.

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“Did a little guitar swap with my friend @frankieromustdie for this cool as fuck Ampeg Dan Armstrong, totally love it! Has this crazy slide in pickup mount that is just nuts! Frank called it the DeLorean of guitars and I think he’s right! Thanks bro! Gonna do a quick set up on it and take it for a spin.”

Not only is Holt a friend of Iero’s, but he is also a big My Chemical Romance fan. Back in 2019, he told LoudWire that The Black Parade is one of his favorite albums.

“It’s one of my all-time favorite records. Seriously. Fact. It’s a masterpiece….I think every song is amazing, it’s super ambitious, and I hear shade of Queen, Pink Floyd and Cheap Trick all over it.”

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As for his favorite song off of the classic album? That’s an easy one.

“Love their guitar work, killer tones and great chops,” he said. “Too much great stuff on The Black Parade to single out, but my favorite song is ‘The Sharpest Lives.’”

This week, Frank Iero showed off his guitar skills, and viral blonde hair, in a new interview with Premier Guitar. During the interview, he explained how artists such as the Misfits and Black Flag have inspired him from a young age.

“I remember the second ‘Rise Above‘ came on, I was like ‘holy shit something’s going on here, something’s being played in a different mindset,’” he says. “It was just so off-kilter and artistic and had a hook to it, but the way it was being played was just so avant-garde.”

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Last year, Iero took part in a series of Misfits covers with other musicians such as Hatebreed‘s Jamey Jasta and The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Ben Weinman among others.

On Jan. 15, Frank Iero and The Future Violents debuted their new EP Heaven Is A Place, This Is A PlaceJust before its release, Iero exclusively told Alternative Press if this new EP will be the last in the Future Violents collection.

What are your reactions to Frank Iero sending Gary Holt a guitar? Did you already know the two were friends? Let us know in the comments below.


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