Every Surprise Song Played by Taylor Swift on “The Eras Tour”

As part of “The Eras Tour,” Taylor Swift has promised to play a different acoustic song during each show. At the tour’s kick-off on March 17th in Glendale, Arizona, she performed “mirrorball” from folklore and “Tim McGraw” from her self-titled debut album. The following night, she treated fans to “this is me trying” from folklore and “State of Grace” from Red.

During the first night of her show in Las Vegas, Swift dusted off “Our Song” from her self-titled debut album and performed the Midnights track “Snow on the Beach” live for the first time. On night two, she brought out Marcus Mumford for the live debut of “cowboy like me,” and played “White Horse” from Fearless.

On the first of three nights in Arlington, Texas, Swift treated fans to only the third live performance of Red’s  “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” and first since 2013. For the second surprise song of the night, she played “Ours” from Speak Now. Additionally, Swift switched up the folklore portion of the set by playing “the 1” in place of “invisible string.” On night two, she offered up the tour debuts of “Death by a Thousand Cuts” from Lover and “Clean” from 1989. Finally, on night three Swift performed “Jump Then Fall” from Fearless and “The Lucky One” from Red.


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Swift kicked off her time in Tampa by performing “Speak Now.” In introducing the song, she said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about one of my albums recently. One of my albums has been on my mind a lot… lots going on in my brain about it.” She then dusted off “Treacherous” from Red.

Night two in Tampa saw Swift welcome frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner for the live debut of “The Great War.” She then played a second Midnights song, “You’re on Your Own Kid.” She also told the crowd that though these performances are intended to be unique for each show, she’s bending the rules for Midnights: “If I want to do songs on Midnights more than once on this tour, I will.”

Swift was once again joined by Dessner during night three in Tampa, as the pair performed “mad woman” from folklore. She then played the Speak Now track “Mean” for the first time since 2018.


On the first of three nights in Houston, Texas, Swift dusted off “Wonderland,” from 1989, for the first time since 2018. He also played “You’re Not Sorry,” from Fearless, for the first time since 2013. On night two, he played “A Place in This World” from her self-titled debut album and “Today Was a Fairytale” from Fearless. On night three, she treated the crowd to “Begin Again” from Red and “Cold as You” from her self-titled debut. The latter song marked only the second live performance of the song, and first since 2013.

To kick off a three-night stand in Atlanta, Swift delivered two live debuts: “The Other Side of the Door” from Fearless and “coney island” from evermore. She followed that up on night two with the live debut of “High Infidelity” of Midnights and “Gorgeous” from reputation. For her finale in Atlanta, Swift treated fans to the first-ever live performance of “I Bet You Think About Me” from her self-titled debut along with “How You Get the Girl” from 1989.

In Nashville, after confirming Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), Swift played “Spark Fly.” She also brought out Phoebe Bridgers for the live debut of “Nothing New,” and performed “Teardrops on My Guitar.” Night two saw her play “Out of the Woods” from 1989 and “Fifteen” from Fearless. And on her final night in Nashville, Swift offered the live debut of “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” from Midnights with help from Aaron Dessner and tour debut of “Mine” from Speak Now.


For the first of her three hometown shows in Philadelphia, Swift offered the live debut of “gold rush,” from evermore, and the second ever performance of “Come Back… Be Here” from Red. The latter song was apparently request by Phoebe Bridgers. Night two feature surprise performances of “Forever & Always” from Fearless and “This Love” from 1989.

Swift kicked off her three-night swing in Nashville by playing “Should’ve Said No” from her self-titled debut, and “Better Man” from Red as the surprise songs on night one. Night two brought another rain show, and Swift delivered a pair of memorable moments with the live debut of “Question…?” from Midnights and a performance of “Invisible” from her self-titled debut. After the previous night’s rain put her piano in the shop, Swift played both of night three’s surprise songs on guitar — a first for the tour. She stunned fans with the first-ever performance of “I Think He Knows” from Lover, and followed that up with “Red” from her 2012 album of the same name.

Swift gifted fans with all sorts of surprises for night one of “The Eras Tour” in East Rutherford, NJ: with help from Jack Antonoff, she performed “Getaway Car” from reputation, and debuted “Maroon” from Midnights. Later, she brought out Ice Spice for the live debut of their “Karma” remix.


We’re be keeping track of all of Swift’s surprise songs throughout the course of the tour, including relevant links to the performances.

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The Eras Tour: Surprise Songs

May 26th in East Rutherford, NJ – “Getaway Car” with Jack Antonoff, “Maroon,” and “Karma” featuring Ice Spice.

May 21st in Foxborough, MA – “I Think He Knows” and “Red”

May 20th in Foxborough, MA – “Question…?” and “Invisible”

May 19th in Foxborough, MA – “Should’ve Said No” and “Better Man”


May 13th in Philadelphia, PA – “Forever & Always” and “This Love”

May 12th in Philadelphia, PA – “gold rush” and “Come Back… Be Here”

May 8th in Nashville, TN – “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” and “Mine”

May 7th in Nashville, TN – “Out of the Woods” and “Fifteen”

May 6th in Nashville, TN – “Nothing New” with Phoebe Bridgers, “Sparks Fly,” and “Teardrops on My Guitar”


April 30th in Houston, TX – “I Bet You Think About Me” and “How You Get the Girl”

April 29th in Houston, TX – “High Infidelity” and “Gorgeous” 

April 28th in Atlanta, TX – “The Other Side of the Door” and “coney island”

April 23rd in Houston, TX – “Begin Again” and “Cold as You”

April 22nd in Houston, TX – “A Place in This World” and “Today Was a Fairytale”


April 21st in Houston, TX – “Wonderland” and “You’re Not Sorry”

April 15th in Tampa, FL – “mad woman” with Aaron Dessner and “Mean”

April 14th in Tampa, FL – “The Great War” with Aaron Dessner and “You’re On Your Own Kid”

April 13th in Tampa, FL – “Speak Now” and “Treacherous” 

April 2nd in Arlington, TX – “Jump Then Fall” and “The Lucky One”

April 1st in Arlington, TX – “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Clean”

March 31st in Arlington, TX – “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “Ours”

March 25th in Las Vegas, NV – “cowboy like me” with Marcus Mumford and “White Horse”

March 24th in Las Vegas, NV – “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach”

March 18th in Glendale, AZ – “this is me trying” and “State of Grace”

March 17th in Glendale, AZ – “mirrorball” and “Tim McGraw”


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