Saint Smith Releases Debut Album ‘Yours, Saintly’

Atlanta-based singer and songwriter Saint Smith has released his debut album, Yours, Saintly.

The 11-track effort was led by “Round and Round,” released in April 2021. Produced by Jay Abe, Smith described it as a “coming of age” record in a statement to Rated R&B.

“I’ve been making music for some time and I feel like now I’ve entered a space in my artistry where things have just clicked. ‘Round and Round’ is truly a labor of love and is a total indication of what’s to come with my debut album,” Smith explained to Rated R&B.

Saint Smith
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Smith instantly lures with “Take Care of Me,” a clock-ticking opener where he asks any prospective suitor to add and not subtract from his life and remain committed to their initial intentions. At various points, Smith’s dulcet voice recalls veteran crooner Joe

“Luv U Down” sounds like it could have generously been a leftover track from Brandy’s magnum opus Full Moon.

Best by far, Smith’s “Not Just Now and Then” hears him granting grace to a reckless partner who remains a habitual offender in causing relationship decay.

On “NhaleXhale Postlude,” B. Slade showcases his glass-shattering falsetto after the full version of “NhaleXhale.”

“Hold My Hand” is a beautifully dreamy song by Smith that expresses his desire for his lover to firmly hold his hand and never let go, especially during moments when he feels insecure.

Brilliantly put together, Yours, Saintly is a debut album very much in the present and built to last.

Listen to Saint Smith’s new project Yours, Saintly below.


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