Cardi B References Britney Spears’ Viral Dancing Videos in Rap

Cardi B and Latto are going viral for their new collaboration, “Put It On Da Floor,” in which Cardi shouts out pop legend Britney Spears.

“I’m sexy dancing in the house, I feel like Britney Spears,” Cardi raps while wearing a shirt that reads, “I feel like Britney Spears” in a neon green that matches her hair.

Watch the music video, below:

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Fans reacted to the shoutout with excitement, even prompting “Britney Spears” to trend on Twitter.

One fan said it gave them a “little rush” to hear Spears’ name in a song in 2023.

Another fan tweeted a video of one of the iconic dancing videos that Cardi was referencing but replaced the original sound with Cardi’s new verse shouting Britney out.

“That Britney Spears line is THE mood,” another fan tweeted.

Someone else said, “Her impact til this day is still referenced in culture, I’m proud.”

This isn’t the first time that Cardi B has expressed her support for Britney.

In one interview posted by a Twitter fan account in January 2023, Cardi discussed society’s hypocritical treatment of celebrities, saying Spears is the perfect example.

Her words support her past comments about the pop icon, like one instance in 2019 where she discussed Spears doing yoga while listening to her music, telling Entertainment Tonight, “It’s so dope because I’m a very big Britney Spears fan.”

“I love you, and I totally understand,” she said to Spears at the time, referring to Spears’ stay at a wellness treatment facility that year.

She added, “When you’re a celebrity, everyone wants to sue you, everyone wants a piece of the money that you work for — and it’s very frustrating. Then you have, like, the whole world looking at you, no privacy, it’s crazy. I can’t even imagine if you do it for such a long time like her.”

More recently, Spears shared a snippet of her Maui vacation using Cardi’s 2017 debut single, “Bodak Yellow,” in 2022.

See more fan reactions to the song, below:

Celebrity Fans of Britney Spears


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