Paramore’s Hayley Williams Boots Disruptive Fans From Concert

Paramore are a band who’ve always looked out for their fans, and that continued Tuesday night at New York’s Madison Square Garden when singer Hayley Williams stopped down a performance of the band’s song “Figure 8” to interject during a disturbance in the audience.

While it’s not entirely clear what started the trouble, it appears as though a couple trying to force their way to the front and meeting resistance from other fans caught the eyes of Williams, who first thought someone might be injured and then realized an altercation was taking place.

“Holy s–t, f–k you. Get out,” exclaimed the singer, as the lights came up on the crowd. “What is happening,” she asked, then telling the offending pair, “Hi. Yes, I will embarrass both of you. Both of you need to find somewhere else to take care of that s–t. That’s not happening here. This is our house.”

As Williams waited for the situation in the audience to be taken care of, she walked across the stage in disbelief, telling the crowd, “How are you going to disrupt one of our favorite songs to play?”

“Let me know when you’re good out there. Thumbs up,” she noted to the audience and security. “Madison Square Garden, get the f–k out of here. Sorry. We were all having a good time, weren’t we?” Fan shot footage of the incident can be seen below.

And so as not to miss out on their musical moment, Paramore restarted the song so that fans could here it in full as it was originally intended.

The band played a 22-song set, and they’re expected to return to Madison Square Garden tonight (May 31) for the second of two nights at the venue, with their next show coming Friday (June 2) in Washington, D.C.

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Paramore are currently making the rounds in support of their This Is Why album. Be sure to get tickets to see them here.

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