Wedding Season Explores The Perfect Moment and Relationship Lessons

June kicks off wedding season and June Weddings on the Hallmark Channel.

Their first film, Wedding Season, was aptly named and starred Stephanie Bennett as a journalist standing up at three of her friends’ weddings and Casey Deidrick as her best friend’s brother and emerging photographer.

During Wedding Season, Trish (Bennett) was assigned to write a feature article about an inside look into her friends getting married. When things went wrong, Ryan (Deidrick) ran interference and taught her about romance.

While Wedding Season was a traditional romcom, it also focused on Trish’s personal journey and how she perceived relationships and her relationships with her friends.

Stephanie Bennett played Trish perfectly as a woman cynical about love but wanted to write about relationships and weddings. She learned much from watching her friends plan their weddings and interacting with Ryan.

Michelle: Why do they think you could write well about weddings? You are allergic to the subject.
Trish: I think they can be a little too commercial sometimes.
June: It is a little odd.
Laurel: Remember when you said marriage was the only time you needed a license to go to prison?
Trish: Did I say that?

It’s difficult being the last single friend of the group and falling into the always the bridesmaid, never the bride trope. Trish felt overwhelmed by how much June, Michelle, and Laurel still wanted her to do.

It soon grated on Trish’s nerves that everyone wanted to set her up with someone so she wouldn’t be embarrassed and single at the wedding events.

No one wants to be viewed like that, so she was grateful that Sean recruited his brother Ryan as her wingman and date.

Trish: Sorry, I wanted to get away from certain eyes. I know we’re going to be each other’s dates to these things, and I didn’t want 1,000 questions.
Ryan: These things?
Trish: The weddings.
Ryan: I’m happy to help.

Neither Trish nor Ryan liked feeling like they were on display at times, but they had an undeniable instant connection. Surprisingly, Ryan understood more about relationships than Trish did.

Many Hallmark Channel films focused only on one central couple, while Wedding Season featured many intertwined stories. Throughout the film, Trish tried to gather information about the wedding article, but it kept changing as the couples had issues.

Even though Trish wrote about weddings, she didn’t understand romantic relationships or the importance of little moments or rituals. When the rare record of June and Peter’s first dance song got destroyed, Trish assumed they could download another copy of the music.

Ryan was the one that knew a memory like that meant something and that the wedding day had to be perfect.

Even Stephanie Bennett commented that Ryan impressed Trish because he’s so unexpectedly romantic, and men rarely get into the finer details of wedding planning.

Michelle and Rod taught Trish several lessons about love. Initially, Michelle seemed like a bully and a control freak, but that’s because she thrived on her law career.

When Michelle thought she’d have to give up her career to move to London for Rod’s new job, it sounded like a death sentence to her, not an adventure.

Michelle and Rod ran into an issue many engaged couples have. They both had stressful jobs and different goals, said hurtful things, and called off their wedding in the heat of the moment.

Only you would know where to look. I might be a good lawyer, but I think you’re going to be an even better journalist. Remember we used to come out here when the boys were driving us crazy? Guess nothing changes, huh?


The main problem was whether could they work out their differences in time for all the hard work they put into the wedding.

Trish was determined that she and Ryan could get Michelle and Rod to work things out if they just sat and talked privately.

You’re the writer. This is your chance to rewrite the story.


The couple did talk, but they still decided that while they loved each other, they were too devoted to their careers to compromise.

Michelle seemed so much happier after that decision. She was concerned about Trish and letting others know that it was essential to let yourself grow first before a couple can grow together.

There was something to be said for calling it mutually and agreeing to change your mind versus being miserable together.

Trish’s best friend Sean tried to be old old-fashioned and worked overtime before the wedding to take Laurel away for a month-long honeymoon.

However, the stress of the wedding planning caused Laurel to break down and speculate if Sean would always disappear.

Seeing so many of her friends have issues before their weddings made Trish wonder if love was real.

Thankfully, Ryan taught her that love was about cherishing the little moments.

Even though Trish and Ryan hadn’t seen each other since high school, they instantly connected.

They both related to following that impossible dream too. She wanted to write a feature article, and he longed to photograph the Australis. Trish worked too hard to achieve her article, while Ryan believed in finding that perfect moment.

Ryan: Eventually the perfect image and perfect moment presents itself. I just have to be there ready to grab it when it does.
Trish: The perfect moment
Ryan: But you have to wait for it.
Trish: How will I know when it comes along?
Ryan: You’ll know.

It was at that moment, as they stared at each other they went from old friends to love interests, just as we expect from Hallmark fare. Even though Trish remained a cynic, Ryan kept trying to distract and romance her in front of their friends.

Ryan: Seems like we’re the subject of some interest.
Trish: Should we give them something to talk about?

While Ryan used to love traveling the world for his photography, he also admitted he craved little moments like slow dancing and celebrating with friends and family.

Part of Trish’s problem was that she was so concerned about writing the perfect article and meeting deadlines that she didn’t take the time to relax and realize what was in front of her — a tall, handsome man and their perfect moment.

It was reminiscent of the romantic moment in The Little Mermaid when the nosy friends were watching the first kiss.

When things couldn’t be more perfect, Ryan got an offer to photograph the Australis and had to make one of the most complex decisions.

He finally got the girl of his dreams, but would he lose her for his dream job?

After everything she learned, Trish didn’t want to stop Ryan from his dream job, but she couldn’t sit back and wait for him to show up for her every few months.

Trish finally realized how meaningful a real relationship was, and she craved the real thing. Knowing that, was anyone surprised that Ryan surprised her at the reception?

Trish: You’re going to miss your flight.
Ryan: No, I’m not missing anything. Everything I’m missing is right here.

Ryan realized that the best part of adventures was coming home to someone you love, and Trish learned so much from watching her friends plan their weddings, including when to forgive and try again.

Hopefully, there will be a sequel to Trish and Ryan’s wedding, with all the friends helping to plan theirs. It would be fun to get an update on Rod and Michelle too.

Over to you, Hallmarkies. Did you enjoy Wedding Season?

Who was your favorite couple? What did you think of Trish’s growth?

We love to hear readers’ feedback, so comment below. And don’t forget to read the news about Christmas in July 2023!

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